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  30 days ago

Do you do spring cleaning every year?

With spring finally here, you know what that means…its time for spring cleaning! Whether you have begun to do spring cleaning or you’re going to, we’re going to share some tips and places in the house you don’t want to miss.

1. Entryway
Even though you may rub your shoes off when you get in, you might not realize that you’re probably bringing dirt in with you but that’s okay because this is why spring cleaning is so beneficial. Whack that mat outside to get the dirt out, sweep the floors, and then mop to cleanse the floors. While you’re there, might as well organize your coat closet by switching around your winter jackets to the back of the closet and the winter boots.

2. Kitchen
Now is the time for that deep clean that your kitchen might need. The stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher all need some extra attention. Also make sure to take everything out of your fridge before you go grocery shopping and throw out old items as well as wipe down the shelves in your fridge and freezer.

3. Living Room
Dusting, washing and sanitizing oh my! If you have any items in your living room like lamp shades or even your TV, make sure to dust it as it collects a lot more dust than you’d think. Wash the blankets, windows and floors. If you leave your windows open, dirt can come in and build up overtime which is why a deep window clean is helpful. Lastly, make sure to sanitize your remotes or even game controllers.

Do you do spring cleaning every year?

Are there any brands that help you do a deep clean?

Do you have some tips for spring cleaning? Create a topic and share your #SpringCleaningTIps

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Influence your world,
Toluna Team


  1 day ago
It's true


  8 days ago
clean up the hole yr


  16 days ago
I clean everything during spring cleaning. My biggest areas I won’t forget are windows and screens. I also love cleaning out the basement and garage.


  16 days ago
Yes I clean everywhere except for the entry room which I don't have. Actually I deep clean about once a month. The only thing different I do is clean the outside siding which draws pollen and dust in spring.


  17 days ago
Yes, I actually try to deep clean once a month, but Spring cleaning is a must, especially with 3 teenagers. I start in my back master bedroom & bath and work my way out . This includes dusting, wiping everything down from the walls , and furniture to the cracks and crevices. I use pinesole on walls , hardwood floors, the crown molding etc . I take the windows out . I wash them & the frames with dawn dish liquid & hot water & a splash of sented Clorox bleach. Then I use rain x glass cleaner & water spot repellent on the outside glass after using wind-x foam spray on inside & out of the entire windows glass. I change all the bed garments from winter to fall. I use frebreeze linen spray to freshen them up. Sort through everyone’s clothes , and have them go through their belongings , and donate to Salvation Army or give away to friends or family. Change out curtains, dishes, some decorè, furnishings , change the wax in the melters & the wallflowers. I love the spring tropical beach sents , and the fresh clean scents. (Bath & Body works is a must in my household) it takes about 2 weeks, but my home is spotless & completely transforms! It’s worth every bit of the time and energy I put into it. My family appreciates it. My boys even notice the small things, and always tell me their thoughts and opinions. I think they enjoy the new fresh towels the most! Spring cleaning is more then some annoying cleaning & pain in the butt. It’s a lifestyle.


  18 days ago
Spring Cleaning is not just limited to Spring, but for any season that we have the time to do a deep clean and re-apprisal of belongs, from clothing to kitchen to garage items. Keep it simple.


  18 days ago
A good vacuum is a must! It amazes me how much dirt one can suck up! Just wish I had a cordless one but not a roomba...


  18 days ago
Yes!!! Its definitely been something that was instilled in me from a young age to always do spring cleaning and I guess you can say fall cleaning which is definitely a process and it is also very important that I have always had to do it even though I hated it because it definitely had an impact on my own lifestyle as I got older but I am a bit of a perfectionist and I have always had to have music playing in order to get the job done!


  18 days ago
Yes it's a must but not only for spring i do it occasionally


  19 days ago
I tend to begin clearing out stuff and deep cleaning certain areas of my home after the holidays. I seem to want to clean more when it is getting warm outside and the sun shines so I guess that would constitute spring cleaning.
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