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  14 months ago

Spicing up Weekends with Siling Haba

Do you like spicy food? If you just like it moderately spicy, the Siling Haba is perfect for you.

We transplanted the Siling Haba seedlings to our backyard garden in December and today is our first harvest. During the quarantine in March last year, we have grown Siling Haba along with siling labuyo, tomatoes, eggplant, and okra . We re-planted all of these vegetables during the Christmas break as it is better to do the transplanting during colder months for a better harvest.

The lifespan of the Siling Haba is from ten months to a full year so it is a great addition to your garden as it bears fruit continuously. Caring for it is quite easy too. I water them every other day when the weather is cold, and everyday when it is hot. I use organic fertilizer like compost from our vegetable and fruit peels and old coffee grounds to keep pests away. It needs full sun for 5-6 hours but it can tolerate partial shade too. You can also grow it in pots if you don't have much space, just choose a sunny spot.

Siling Haba is a kitchen staple for cooking sinigang, sisig, paksiw, dinuguan, pinangat, kilawin, dynamite and many other dishes. I have so many uses for it and having some fresh and readily available in my garden saves me both time and money.

Today I decided to cook sinigang for lunch and dynamite (lumpia with siling haba, cheese, and ground pork) for our afternoon snack paired with some cold beer. The freshly harvested Siling Haba elevated the taste of our favorite dishes and made our weekend much more enjoyable.

How about you ? What's your favorite dish with Siling Haba? Would you like to have it as a plant in your garden?

Photo is mine.


  14 months ago
My daughter and I are not fans of spicy food so we eat it sparingly. But my husband loves it, so sometimes, I cook 2 versions of a dish (regular and spicy). In the past, I've tried tinola with siling haba, and I've tasted dynamite as well. Happy planting and eating!


  14 months ago
I like it


  14 months ago
I use this in my cooking too! It is perfect if you have people around who can't tolerate extreme spiciness. It gives just a mild spice.


  14 months ago
Whenever we have lots of siling haba at the fridge I would usually cut them into small pieces and use them for my bicol express menu. One time we had a party and I was assigned to prepare all the dishes. I chopped almost a hundred of these siling haba and placed them all in one dish. All our guest during the party were opening their mouths gasping for breath. I heard one said " Lahat maanghang ha parang ayaw magpakain"...I could help laughing at that time.. hahaha.. :D


  14 months ago
Sinigan is the best with skiing haba, ziling haba can use to spicy food and evin seafood it can use it for spicy


  14 months ago
I too have siling haba for over a year now, but it needs to be changed as I have observed that as it grows older so does the taste. I like to grill and make some dynamites with it.

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