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  14 months ago

Do you want black pepper on your dishes? Are you aware of its benefit?

My in-law once shared with me that when she was still working abroad, their Chinese friends adviced them to use black pepper whenever they have cough and colds. She said that Chinese loves black pepper because it has active compounds that helps in boosting our immune system.

Did you know that black pepper is not just a flavoring but also has a lot of benefits?
According to WebMD, black pepper has antioxidants, flavonoids, essential oil, and other phenolic compounds that help protect our cells and boost digestive health because of its piperine content.

Secondly, black pepper helps to stimulate hydrochloric acid in our stomach so we can better digest and absorb the foods we eat. It also has carminative properties which could help reduce discomfort and gas buildup in our intestines.

Lastly, black pepper is a good source of manganese, a mineral that can help with bone health, wound healing, and metabolism. 

It is because of these health benefits that Black Pepper offers, in addition to its subtle and bold flavor that I love adding it to almost any food I cook. Whenever I make soups, especially during cold season, I like adding a lot of ground black pepper because of its flavor-enhancing properties that makes my soups delicious.

When you add black pepper to your meal, you increase the amount of nutrients absorbed into your bloodstream. Which is why Black Pepper had already became a staple in our kitchen as it had already became a yin and yang to salt. Also, I prefer it more than salt.

I do believe that pepper really helps in rearing our natural defences. Why did I say so? I have observed that since I started using ground black pepper on all my dishes, I do not easily get sick. It is because a strong immune system helps our body to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

How about you? Do you want black pepper too?

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  14 months ago
I always cook with black peppers. I use either or both ground and whole peppercorns. Glad to know they have benefits!


  14 months ago
Thanks for sharing this info. Now I will add black pepper in my cooking even though I'm not really fond of it.


  14 months ago
Yes, I like black pepper and add it to most of the dishes I cook. Like salt, my ground black pepper is in a shaker for easier dispensing.


  14 months ago
I cook most dishes with black pepper. I like eating spicy food and it has helped with my metabolism and I don't get sick easily despite being busy and not getting enough sleep sometimes.


  14 months ago
Yes! Black pepper is the one of ingredient


  14 months ago
Yes I use ground pepper a lot on my cooking. Whenever I forgot to add this special seasoning the taste of the dish was sort of lacking. That's why whenever I would start preparing the ingredients I see to it that the bottle of ground pepper would be lined up together with the other spices.

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