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  1 month ago


When i first joined Toluna in 2009,i had come out of hospital after a major operation ,and could do nothing on doctors orders for 12 weeks ,My daughter suggested i join some survey sites ,I was a newbie to the www ,only had been on for about 4 months ,so was a bit naive ,My daughter showed me what to do ,and i waited for the emails to come ,when they did i completed the surveys and got the points ,but did not know how to check my points as i did not realise that you had to go to the actual Toluna site,when i did find it ,i also found the community ,but did not really know how to write a topic or anything ,so for about 2 weeks i just read other members topics and the replies ,then i found out how to write my own ,and not only did i find out how to write my own topic i found friends ,i found people who i could relate to ,i found people who could help with problems ,I also found some numbtys ,but on top of all that i also realised that you got points for writing a topic ,I found something to keep me from being bored ,but most of all I found something that was a good use of my time ,somewhere where i could voice my opinion ,and actually enjoy .Toluna still keeps me happy and sane and is great for my frustration at times


  1 month ago
I suppose I'm one of the numbtys you located on here Rose. :-) xx Reply


  1 month ago
wow you have been a member a long time xx Reply


  1 month ago
You have been here a long time! Blimey! Reply


  1 month ago
Progress hun ha ha Reply


  1 month ago
Well said Rose , my experience is very similar to yours , especially the not knowing ;) Reply


  1 month ago
Around the same time as me Rose and I too came across the community by accident and I'm afraid I was one of those numpties to start with because I was a bit cocky and other members found me a bit rude because of my sarcastic sense of humour, I nearly left but was persuaded to stay by the lovely Angela Pickle so I changed my ways a little and have been here ever since.;-) Reply

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