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  2 months ago

Do you think football stadiums should allow fans back in?

I watch football often and every Saturday my husband and I have a little bet and watch soccer Saturday on Sky Sports News.

For the last few weeks the commentators and presenters have been expressing their annoyance that fans still aren't allowed back into the stadiums to watch matches. I think they should definitely start allowing a percentage of people back in, depending on the size of the stadium. If you say an average stadium can hold around 20,000 fans, to allow even 5,000 in would give ample space between each person, plus the stadiums are outdoors.

I watch Strictly Come Dancing and even they have a small audience in the studio. They are socially distanced and wearing masks but at least they are there, it gives a much better atmosphere for a live performance to have an audience. Even cinemas are open to the public, again socially distanced and wearing masks.

Personally, I don't understand how these indoor events have an audience but a large outdoor stadium is still prohibited from having fans. Is it just me that finds some of these rules and regulations bizarre?


  2 months ago
It's not that simple. There's more to consider in letting audiences back into watching live sport. Personally I think it should still stay the same for the time being. Reply


  2 months ago
I don't think it is as straightforward as it might seem. It isn't just about sitting a certain distance from each other. Other considerations include the travelling to and from the match (often crowded trains, buses or coaches), tradition pub meeting places, in ground hospitality and the use of the toilets.
I am sure the top clubs could afford to take extra precautions and have sanitiser everywhere but not all clubs could and it needs to be thought about for all not just some. I am pretty sure it is on the governments agenda but so is trying to bring down the Covid-19 transmission rates. If everyone acted in a careful and thoughtful manner, we might have a less isolated Christmas and fans back in the stadiums in the New Year. Here's hoping. :-)


  2 months ago
I think we have far too lax a set of rules which is why things are getting worse again. Reply


  2 months ago
No I don’t think they should Reply


  2 months ago
As you say they're outdoors so i can't see a problem. Maybe it's the shouting & heckling that goes with it ...particles in the air or something but to be honest if we can all walk down the high street without masks on surely people can go to outside sports venues. Must be hard for the rule makers really though - we've never been here before so completely unknown territory! Reply


  2 months ago
Yes, I think sensible numbers should be allowed back in! Reply


  2 months ago
Just a guess, would 25% be financially viable ? Reply


  2 months ago
I agree 100% with you Becca.. we seem to be behind the scenes over here.. did you see the French Open tennis ? look how sensible that was, with a small % of spectators allowed in to provide human support, whilst respecting all the covid safety measures... Reply

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