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Last night , I was talking with someone who's been badly stressed by our promised move to Tier 2 , for reasons I can't share . Subsequently , I spent some time finding videos that may help , in some way . This is the first one , which I emailed over , before ringing .
It helped somewhat , along with the 2nd video later .
I won't lie or deny , I suffer regularly with one item , and occasionally with 2 more . Most of my problems stem from the almost total
reliance on friends , family and strangers , along with the virtual
annihilation of my gregarious nature , plus the loss of Shirley .
Now , ask yourself , " Do any of these items apply to me ? "


  28 days ago
I have suffered from Depression and anxiety in varying amounts since my teenage years. Getting to my gym and walking as much as I can keeps me happier and healthy to a certain degree as the endorphins that are released through exercise help me to feel better about myself and help me to remain positive enough to function on a day to day basis.
Helping the elderly also keeps me focussed as I am dedicating time to help them and when they tell me that they appreciate my help and support and we have entertaining chats and banter, my mind is focussed and I do not ponder or dwell on things, so it helps me to feel like I am doing something to help others who need my help and support and without me helping them they would struggle to get shopping etc, which gives me a sense of purpose and reward.


  28 days ago
I have health anxiety, GAD and bouts of depression. Currently back on medication. Already been on the phone to 111 and the Samaritans this week and was at A&E the other night for a couple of hours as I was having recurring panic attacks that I couldn't subside. Struggles with my MH for a few years now, I just wake up each day and hope for a good day. Reply


  28 days ago
My head hasn’t been in a good place for a few weeks now. I can fit in with a few of these in the video Reply


  29 days ago
Luckily no but I can empathise with the awful burden of being reliant on other people for so much when one has to shield.
When you have worked and had responsibilities it is quite dreadful to suddenly lose that part of you,even for a short time.


  29 days ago
There are occasional times when I fit most of these signs (I suspect many people fit that criteria?) but I'm lucky to have the dogs to keep me 'on the go' and prevent me from vegetating ! Reply


  29 days ago
Just to add that my head isnt in a good place this week but Covid sint the source so much as gas excavations, disruption,dust, gas and noise plus a niggly toothache. )o: Reply


  29 days ago
another point is that having been denied our usual social involvements and projects staying safe has become our focus and no 1 mission. I think i am less stressed by the social deprivation and the virus effects than the threat of having to quarantine which would cause me extrme distress for many reasons. It is also deeply offensive when people say 'get a grip' no more helpful than saying that to someone with normal depression or phobias etc. People who say things like that are plain nasty. Reply


  29 days ago
most apply to me steve but i always bounce back, work helps alot with me x Reply

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