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  2 months ago

Styles and excuses in escaping drinking sessions

“Pare, ihi lang ako sa labas”- this is the common excuse.

Do you experienced wanting to leave drinking sessions with your barkada but find it difficult? There are reasons why one wanted to leave the drinking spree. Maybe he is drunk already, maybe he did not want the topic being discussed, or maybe he had another date.
The common style in exiting drinking session is “Ihi muna ako sa labas”, o kaya e “may bibilhin lang ako”, but the truth is, he would go home. But sometimes, sasabihin ng mga kainum e “style mo bulok” and insist to pee inside the house. Some would cough insistently and had to go outside in the pretense of spitting but instead would escape.

I remembered my father who would remind me to fetch him in his drinking session a few hours later. He would make me as his excuse to exit. Alam kasi ng mga kainuman ni Tatay na hindi ko siya talaga titigilan sa kakukulit na umuwi, kaya kapag dumating na ako, andyan na naman ang makulit and my father would just laugh.

Personally, there are instances why I wanted to leave drinking sessions. First, hindi ko type ang mga kainum ko, yoong parang hindi ako belong or just don’t like the exchange of discussion, or sometimes, may lakad talaga ako na kailangan kong puntahan. So I just tell my friends the truth and hindi ako napipigilan kasi alam nila na kapag ayaw ko na e ayaw ko na talaga, walang makakapigil. However, there are times that I felt am too drunk but the conversation is very engaging, yoong feeling na ang sarap ng usapan pati inuman. So, instead, I just close my eyes while sitting in the chair or if we are in a couch, I would lay down na lang. Kung minsan, literal talaga akong nakakatulog na and be awakened on the following day. Luckily, most of our drinking sessions were held in a house or in our boarding house so there is no problem there even if I fell asleep.
How about you? What is your alibi to get out of the drinking sessions with your friends? Or you do not leave until it was finished?

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  2 months ago
This is soooo accurate. Reply


  2 months ago
It depends upon the people I am with If I feel like I am already drowsy, then I keep myself composed and refrain from drinking then say goodbye in a while. Reply


  2 months ago
Its handy sometimes that you have kids around while drinking. Last Saturday, I have a drinking session with a relative in our house. One moment my 3 year old son decided that it is time to sleep. Yun. hinawakan ang kamay ko at diretso na kami sa room namin. Naunahan ko pa yata anak ko matulog. Reply

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