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  1 month ago

The law

Since Amy Cooney Barrett was sworn in yesterday this could be the end of Roe vs.Wade and the end of The ACA.How can someone who says they value life end these laws?Now women will have to go back to barbaric means and people (especially children)who have no other health insurance will die.I can’t see this as good news.It seems to me people like Judge (now Justice) Barrett Cooney only cares about a fetus and not the child.


  1 month ago
Maybe if she abolishes healthcare she and her family should be losing what healthcare they have. I read she has a husband and seven children under age 17. One actually has Down Syndrome. Her family would find themselves in poverty if that happened. Reply


  1 month ago
Credit to Supreme Court more to come like her, yay!!! Reply


  1 month ago
Despite the typical sneaky and underhanded stunts of the Republicans left in politics.
I think if they had honestly believed they would have four more years they wouldn't have pulled this. They would've let the voters decide.
Putin's little Mitch has done nothing in office but conservative appointments to the courts.
It's sad this is their legacy.


  1 month ago
She is a brilliant legal and constitutional scholar, a credit to the Supreme Court. Reply


  1 month ago
She is from Illinois. I know early in her career she had to be approved by Obama. When he was a senator. To get to the appellate courts. So I’m guessing she isn’t as extreme as the politicians make her out to be. They hoped the same thing for Chief Justice Roberts. And to their disappointment. he turned out to be normal and rational guy. Not a goon for republican extremists. How disappointing huh kiddies? She would be well advised to follow the same path
So that said...Im not really so sure she wants to have a legacy of shoving big government up between every American woman’s legs whether they approve or not. She should leave that to The Who’s yer daddy club. Not be their sycophant and a tool.
And if she even has a shred of basic human decency, like she and all the people around her so loudly proclaim, she’s not going to take away Obamacare. Not in the middle of a pandemic. Another 30 million uninsured? The thousands of needless death created by that level of irresponsible. stupidity will eat her soul. Then I will see her at the gates downstairs in the afterlife. Thats no picnic to deal with. either so Tread very carefully and congrats on your achievement.


  1 month ago
I can't see how an anti-abortionist could be sympathetic to a case of abortion.
BUT . . . she MIGHT have said that because the majority is Republican.
I mean, she identifies as female. So anyone who IDs as that would be sympathetic toward women who have pregnancies that they don't want.
Maybe she simply said she was anti-abortion just so she can get the go-ahead from the Repubs (?)
Anyway, that's what I'm hoping.
It's a 2-party system in this antiquated country, so one has to ID to one of the parties. Maybe she just IDd according to what she would think would win (?)
I've never wished this on anyone, but for the sanity of the country, I wish this on her: I hope she has prolapse. THEN she would definitely be voting pro-abortion.


  1 month ago
That's all untrue Reply

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