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  6 months ago

Netflix accused of sexualizing children with film ‘Cuties’

Every week, hundreds of films and series are released across streaming platforms, with some of them going unnoticed to the eyes of many people. However, this was not the case for ""Cuties,"" a film that was added to the Netflix catalog on 9th September and has been involved in a series of debates ever since.

The film focuses its attention on Amy, an 11-year-old girl played by actress Fathia Youssouf. Originally of Senegalese origin, she moves with her family to France and has to obey a strict set of rules imposed by her mother, carried from the Muslim religion.

But everything changes when Amy decides to join a dance group formed by other girls her age, the Mignonnes. There, the young girl seeks freedom through her body movements, a contrast to the conservatism experienced at home, where she and her peers elaborate bold choreographies imitating what they see on social networks.

One of the triggers for the whole controversy was a poster launched by Netflix to announce it. In the poster, the protagonist is on a stage, next to three others, with costumes considered far too provocative for girls as young as 11.

The image, taken from an excerpt of the film, ended up being an easy target for the company. After a wave of criticism, Netflix removed the poster from all physical and virtual spaces.

But the content of ""Cuties"" has also been the target of attacks. The film is accused of hypersexualizing children, both by exposing the bodies of 11-year-old girls dancing, and also by displaying too many explicit situations.

The controversy generated around the film translated into a wave of subscription cancellations on Netflix and the popularity of the hashtag #CancelNetflix on Twitter for a few days.

The director explained to the public that the objective of the film was to initiate ""a conversation about the sexualization of children."" The director also added that ""the movie has certainly started a debate, though not the one that I intended.""

After subscribers' disapproval, Netflix was prosecuted this week for continuing to stream the film. The entertainment company is now facing criminal charges for sexualizing children from a jury in Tyler County, east of Houston, Texas in the United States.

What is your opinion? Have you watched the movie?

Do you think the film hypersexualizes children or does it just expose the influence that the adult world can have on children?

Do you think the directors could have passed on the message with less graphic and provoking images?

Let us know everything in the comments!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  6 months ago
They went too far. Ban Netflix


  6 months ago
Netflix needs to be banned as they have gone into the pedophile business. They pretend it is soft porn and are really soliciting sex now with minor children. Ban Netflix


  6 months ago
This is going too far.


  6 months ago
This is one step away from blaming the victim. Oh wait . . . .
Pedos going to slut, no matter what.
And in some tribal communities, children (boys as well as gals) and women (and in some cases, men) walk around nude or mostly nude. Don't have more problems with rape there than any other place.
In fact, there's a higher rate of rape in 'developed' places where people dress modestly (think the Amish, FLDS) than in areas where people walk around naked.
Now that I think about it, are the criticisms over the 'sexualization' of children or the teaching of children to use their body in a sexual way?
I believe we shouldn't be discouraging of using the body in a sexual way (that's part of it's use, you know?) and I believe prostitution should be legal, esp. now that we're mechanized out of all our jobs.
It's the criticizers we should be weary of. Are they slutty pedos? Definitely keep them away from your kids.


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
Yes. They went too far. And if they honestly can't see that, then there's really something wrong with them. I will never watch any of their projects in the future. Weird.


  6 months ago


  6 months ago
I seen the trailer for the film.I could see that the lead character in the film of that young girl was trying to break out of the place her parent’s strict religion put her in.I do think the young girl in the film could have done that in a different way.I didn’t see the film just that one scene so I don’t know what the film was like.I like the message of female empowerment the film wanted to convey but the writer and director could have chosen a less controversial way to get their message across.


  6 months ago
naw, just kids dancing to me


  6 months ago
I have never heard of this and find it to be disgraceful! I hope that they are found guilty in court and are ordered to cease and desist. Thank you for posting.
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