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  1 month ago

Google Lens can now help solve student’s homework!

The augmented reality app, Google Lens, is becoming increasingly smarter.

After being able to identify paintings and even landmarks through a smartphone's camera, now, through "Homework" mode, it can help students solve mathematical and scientific problems.

Users only need to point the smartphone's camera at the question and activate the "Homework" filter to search for answers. The latest feature can be accessed via the app or through Google Assistant.

It seems to be more suited to solving maths exercises, but the function can also be used to help solve questions about chemistry and biology.

It is important to note that Google Lens will not only deliver the resolution directly to the user. Instead, when pointing the camera to a mathematical problem, the app will identify the problem and offer suggestions on how to solve it first of all. In addition to offering different ways to address the problem, the app will bring detailed information on the formulas and methods used to reach the answer.

According to Google, the goal of the tool is to help parents and caregivers during the pandemic, which has prevented classroom teaching in many parts of the world.

What do you think? Do you believe in the use of these tools and that they can really help students?
Have you tried it? Is it something you could see yourself using?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  1 month ago
So , no work involved , no understanding gained ? Ridiculous. !


  1 month ago
surely it is better to actually learn how to the calulations, to understand it all better, what's the point of asking them a question if a "lens" will solve it? And another little thought, another way to split the poor and the rich, and add more control to bad parents


  1 month ago
Technology is really good


  1 month ago
What happens when Google Lens fails or breaks down TT? would the students actually be able to think for themselves and solve problems?


  1 month ago
i think it is a tool to help who need it, still youngsters have to learn how to use the magnificent gadget which is called human brain.


  1 month ago
The big problem with this sort of 'help' is that it leaves the student with no understanding of how the answer has been arrived at. Give a child a calculator and they can use it OK, but because they don't understand the process behind the calculation they are unable to recognise a wrong answer, the result of a mis-key for instance. I have always been of the opinion that children should not be allowed to use calculators until they have learned the processes behind the calculation.


  1 month ago
It sounds like a great tool to me! I bet it will not be long before it DOEA offer the actual answer though - for a price probably! LOL!

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