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  1 month ago

LIVING, BREATHING COFFIN -would you want to be placed in an Organic Coffin when you die?

We all die. Let's face it, it will be just a matter of time.

And when that happens, how would you want to be packaged?

I mean most of the time, those who die don't really get to have a say on what kind of Coffin they would want to be in. Unless of course, they've been planning for it.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not being morbid here, I'm just being practical, so let's try to keep an open mind, and explore the possibilities.

I have seen and heard a lot of Coffin variations, ranging from the Classical coffin, to the advanced, Sci-Fi version.

But none of those prepared me for something like this.

Check out the photo below. It's the World's First Living Coffin, made from Mushrooms in the Netherlands.

"It's made up of mycelium and a lot of micro-organisms inside -that's going to speed up the decomposition process. But not only the decomposition process, it also neutralizes toxins in the soil and in our body and really enriches nature." -

So basically, what their trying to say is: this coffin that is made up of organic material (mainly mushrooms), through the aid of micro-organisms, would help your body decompose faster and become part of the soil once again.

That sounds like a noble idea. You're giving back something to Mother Nature. But personally, I don't buy it.

The reason why people put their love ones in coffins, is because they would want to preserve their love ones' bodies as much as possible. We do this because we would like to hold on to anything that would remind us of them.

So, whatever is left of their bodies, after decomposition, would still be precious to us. We'd like to believe that they will always be there, right there on the spot where we constantly visit them. We don't care if they're in skeletal form or ashes already.

If their coffins decompose along with their bodies, gone, mixed with the soil, there would be nothing left for us to visit with. Except of course the Tomb stones, or Stone tablets.

For sentimental reasons, I wouldn't want that happening to my love ones. Or me.

At least with our "conventional" coffins, the bodies may have long decomposed, but the coffin, or the Niche is still there, protecting whatever is left of it.

Which tells us that our loves ones or a part of them, are still there with us. And we can continue to visit them anytime we want.

Take the Egyptians for example, why do you think they put their dead in coffins made up of precious metals such as Gold and Silver? Why do they mummify them? Why did they build Pyramids? Why didn't they just bury their love ones in the sand?

To preserve them. To keep the body intact, and be transported to the afterlife in one piece. Now this is probably for more than just sentimental reasons. This has something to do with preparation for the Resurrection.

As all of us will be resurrected, I think it would be wise to have our bodies placed in one place, and as intact as possible. Which is another reason why I don't like Organic Coffins, and why I do not want to be cremated -just my preference.

I guess Organic Coffins are cool and practical, also environmental friendly, but I would still prefer the regular coffin -for sentimental, and spiritual reasons.

Halloween is fast approaching, let's anticipate a lot of talks about Coffins, the Dead, Ghosts, and the like. You might as well buckle up :)



  1 month ago
I prefer to be cremated. I just have to be placed in an urn which is cheaper than a coffin. The columbarium is also cheaper than a lawn in a memorial park. If you cannot afford a columbarium, you have the option to keep the urn at your home or you can throw your ashes into the sea or in a field or up in a high place. If you cannot even afford an urn, just put them in a sack and bury your ashes in your garden. Reply

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