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  21 months ago

Can a government control how much food you order?

Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, has launched a campaign against food waste, describing the amount of food going to waste in his country as "shocking and distressing", adding that “We should still maintain a sense of crisis about food security. The impact of this year’s Covid-19 pandemic has sounded the alarm.”

Under the new initiative, restaurants are to offer half-size and smaller portions, in addition to limiting the number of dishes a group can order. Chinese meals are usually served family-style with shared dishes, and hosts tend to order more dishes than the number of diners in the group, as a sign of respect and politeness. However, the campaign aims to teach consumers to "eat frugally" and order one less dish than the number of diners.

Citizens have taken to the internet to voice their objections: “This seems aimed at us bottom class, but we are already thrifty. This will mean nothing to the rich.” Another said: “I especially hate this kind of political action that leans on ordinary people to act.”

Up to 18 million tonnes of food a year was wasted in large cities within China, according to a 2015 report. This is enough to feed 30 to 50 million people a year.

Do you think it's right for the government to limit the amount of food its citizens can order? Is there a better way to solve the problem?

Are you conscious of how much food is wasted? Do you try to consume everything that you buy, be it groceries or restaurant food?


  21 months ago
I hate the thought of food going to waste, and even the thought of if the government was to put a limit on the amount of food we can buy seems wrong, a solution is needed because this is real and its happening everywhere, and it all comes down to us with how we buy food, the amount we buy, planning our meals or giving if not wanted/needed. In my home I shop for a week, having 6 young kids I teach them to be grateful for their food and eat for the kids who are not eating. Their are so many families in need of food on a daily basis and so much food that goes to waste can be saved and can make a huge difference.
Their government needs to work with the people not against them.
Donate, Give.. Save our planet, save lives.


  21 months ago
No! I think we are responsible for what we consume and govt should play no part in this


  21 months ago
It may work in China. But I do not think it can work elsewhere. The govt can only brings awareness to such social and environmental problems. But you cannot enforce it. It's not practical.


  21 months ago
No government should have that right


  21 months ago
Very Smart. I think we should do it. cus i know lots of people who waste food. but then again, were not that in need of something like this


  21 months ago
I think the objective is an good idea but should NOT have law to restrict the amount of food its citizens can order. Government can have law to punish those people that waste food deliberately.


  21 months ago
I don't waste food. I don't think a government has a right to do as China is doing, but then of course, they're desperate for something to take the heat of them and Hong Kong.


  21 months ago
By using all leftovers in other dishes, I rarely waste food.
Seems to me someone is trying to deflect recent bad publicity over Chinese actions in other parts of the world...should we mention Hong Kong?


  21 months ago
No govt should have that right. But that said govt's take away our rights often, just as we have with lock downs and laws for law abiding citizens.


  21 months ago
Oh this is so typical of China. Dictatorship in action! They have no right telling their people how much food they can eat. We never waste food in our house. Any leftovers go into the freezer or fridge and are used up.
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