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  1 month ago

5G Towers Built on Your Property without Compensation

URGENT: Please supply your rejection of the government of SA's intention to allow service providers to install communications infrastructure (including 5G) on your private property without compensation. You will also be held responsible if any of their infrastructure is damaged! This is capitalism gone socialistic in the worst sense.
This is not a petition but your legal right in public participation.
Over 55000 other citizens have already fought back. Please submit your response at :

This was my response:

Service providers are already ripping off the public with high charges for data and fake discounts. They will not use my private property free of charge to further their capital gain and allow them to harass me with unsolicited faster adverts every day on my cell phone. My property is by law PRIVATE and paid for. Stay off my property it is not public, right of admission is reserved . I and my family reserve the right to live healthy ( as per the constitution) and free from the effects of microwave exposure. I will not allow my property to be used as the portal for this and other future deleterious means of communication to other citizens either. I will not be bullied into having to run away from my own property due to a foot in the door by capitalists ( who are using socialistic tactics) who will have 24/7 access and exposure to my property. I will not allow a security risk via access of "workmen" on my property who may end up camping on it, in a country that already cannot enforce the law and protect the rights of private property. I am not employed to guard the property of other private businesses and be held liable for it. The government shall enforce the private company wishing to install such infrastructure elsewhere far from my property to seek and pay for its own insurance policy on said infrastructure. I reject this decision as unconstitutional .


  1 month ago
Wow, another way for the government to rape us. I cannot wait to leave this country. Well said and I will most certainly go sign! Reply


  1 month ago
Go to "DEAR SOUTH AFRICA", be active and lodge your NO vote. Reply


  1 month ago
This thing is getting out of hand now. Reply


  1 month ago
Thanks, I received the email Reply


  1 month ago
This is insane. I had no idea this was happening Reply

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