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  2 months ago

Do you have a bucket list?
Whats the hardest thing that you have to do on that list?


It seems that a lot of people these days make bucket lists, I myself don't have one but I have a few friends that do, I may seem a little harsh when I say this but some of the things on their lists I honestly cannot see them doing.
I guess its nice to jot down the things that you would like to do, I don't feel like I need to jot them down, if I wanted to do something then I think I would just go out and do it
One of my friends husbands wants to either go into a shark cage or put his head in an alligator, I mean why would you want to do that? bit weird I think but hay ho, think I would prefer to sit and have a cuppa and watch him do that with an ambulance awaiting
Hope you have all had a great Saturday, mine has again been a hectic one take care all x


  2 months ago
I haven’t made a bucket list.


  2 months ago
If a croc bit his head off I don't think there's a great deal the paramedics could do Sue!
I don't have a bucket list, I just take things day by day.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday to make up for your hectic Saturday. xx


  2 months ago
No bucket list Sue, but I have a skip list of things I do not want to do again.


  2 months ago
I don't even have a bucket, Sue! :-)


  2 months ago
not really - would like to travel more abroad but with all this going on that is on hold if at all now.


  2 months ago
Not really Sue another holiday somewhere nice before i snuff it :). lake Como in Italy I'd like to go and that's the only place really as a dream bucket list and that needs mega money ! i.would have said New York and was to go a few years back , when my mum took sick friends were shocked at the expense , its dearer than anywhere else in America and said they were some real cheeky rips in bars and restaurants , far to busy to, they also.went to Vegas to hot there for me so thats out , i missed nout , just somewhere peaceful and lovely I've done tour ones many to do me a life time over the years ! ........just chill places spa breaks galore that type of thing is on my bucket list year on wards lord spare us all x


  2 months ago
Never had a bucket list, but there are things I want to be able to afford one day all being well job wise for me again one day,
there are places Id like to see, like Spain to more exotic and scary like Egypt.
I want the classic to swim with dolphins. Has been in my thoughts a lately.
To take all of the family to Disneyland Paris has been my goal the last 2 years... last year we decided to leave it and to go UK beaches /caravan sites and said , lets do it 2020.. and next year is going to be me financially recovering from all of this. I hope.
And I want to get out of the rent trap and buy my own house! Im going on some age now, I need to own my own place before I get too old to decorate, and affording it is impossible between work and the high rent i pay here.


  2 months ago
Just one thing in my bucket I want to go to Israel hun


  2 months ago
I did make one a while ago, actually I might do one again as I lost it :(


  2 months ago
No i don't actually have one Sue. If i had it would probably change not because i can't make my mind up - more because i like being a free spirit if that makes sense!
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