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  9 months ago

"Covid-19: Usage of Masks and Gloves" Do you feel in order to prevent this virus, one must use both and not just the masks?

At first, if you remember, we only needed to wear gloves when out and about, now so many people are just wearing masks and not gloves.
Think about if one does not wash hands and they then touch his or her face, think of the germs then on ones face. The statement is "Don't Touch Your Face", but then again this happens when removing a mask,
I, myself, am relying on consistently using hand soap, sanitizer and I rely on those gloves. However, I did wear a mask this week rather annoying as I have large glasses and they fit over the mask, my glasses fogged up and at times when nobody was around, I did give myself some air.
Just observing people in stores, I saw most wearing masks, but no gloves and some employees not wearing any masks or gloves.


  9 months ago
Yes both gloves and a mask may help


  9 months ago
The major advantage of the mask is so you don't spread it to the rest of us. The gloves are dumb as you still touch things. ( Including your face) with or without them.


  9 months ago
Our box of 50 masks arrived from Amazon the day before wearing face coverings out in public became mandatory in California. Find face masks hot and yes--my glasses DID fog up a bit. "Experts" now say that wearing gloves can be worse than not--so I won't.


  9 months ago
I am actually staying home, but if I have to go out I will wear the mask - I don't have any gloves, yet. Please stay healthy & safe. God bless you!


  9 months ago
I'm just staying home so no need for either. What surprises me is people wearing the gloves and then touching their face as if the gloves don't hold the germs from the things they've touched.


  9 months ago
Both. I rather be too careful than getting Covid-19. The flu knocks me down hard, so I would hate to see my immune system with Covid-19.


  9 months ago
I wear both. I wear glasses too. I read that if you take a small piece of tissue or paper towel and roll it up long enough to go over the bridge of your nose and stick it by the top of the mask where you pinch the nose wire that it will stop the fogging up because the warm air your breathing gets trapped in the rolled up tisse. I tried it and it helps a lot. Just don't make it too thick because you still want the top of the mask to seal on your face.


  9 months ago
I wear both

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