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  9 months ago

"Medical Experts" What doctor do you believe with his or her opinions, facts, etc. about the Covid-19? Who do you listen to the most or will abide with his or her standards?

I myself don't agree with Dr. Fauci as he states after this pandemic is over, if ever, we must continue to distance ourselves which to me is truly impossible. Guess he could be right as one is quarantined for 14 days that person is released, but the cycle continues and could last for years even if the disease is down, how long will it take for each individual who is diagnosed to fully recover? His facts are to always social distance and to never in your lifetime shake hands.
Dr. Phil: states there will be more deaths because staying at home orders will create psychological disorders bringing suicides, overdoses, crime, etc.


  9 months ago
Dr. Phil might be right about some people developing psychological disorders over continuing to do some form of social distancing. Dr. Fauci is right about the need to social distance despite all else. I'm on the Autism spectrum so it took most of my life learning to get close to people to be "normal" but now I am quicker to adapt than most neurotypical people are. What I consider comfortable is now the new norm.


  9 months ago
Dr. Fauci


  9 months ago
I believe a good amount of all of them. (As opposed to an idiot)
I like Dr. Sanjay Gupta...


  9 months ago
Dr. Fauci has served under several presidents and he is frank about his opinions like the president. He puts people first and their health where the president puts economy and money first.


  9 months ago
Personally, I find Dr. Fauci plausible and believable. That being said, think to save his job and a__s, he sometimes agrees with Trump even when he knows better. Dr. Phil? No thank you.


  9 months ago
Dr Phil is fun to watch and sometimes has good ideas for things, but he is not a professional doctor of diseases. Dr. Fauci is erring on the side of caution and frankly given how every year the regular flu is different, we can only hope that this virus doesn't alter itself and come back every year slightly changed because then even with a virus shot it won't work for everyone and not for every strain. The news is correct that there will be and have been more suicides, overdoses, crime etc. People are getting desperate and this virus has caused a lot more panic for people with mental illnesses. While I agree that in some places the restrictions need to stay in place, I do not agree that it needs to be entire states. For instance here in WI, I don't really think all the communities up north in rural areas need to be shut down since they are not seeing the virus. I do not believe that EVERY business needs to be shut down even in the major cities. I think that there are plenty of businesses that can operate within safety measures and it would have to be on a business by business approach. Funny how my idiot governor when extending the stay at home thing felt it was ok for everyone to go play golf and opened up golf courses. Just goes to show you how money changing hands works.


  9 months ago
Well, Dr. Phil isn't a doctor so he's just giving his opinions. While Dr. Fauci's ideas may sound Draconian, he could be right. We'll just have to see.

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