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  6 months ago

Comedian Arjen Lubach touches Belgians' nerves

Many know him, many more may not know him, however, some of his works have gone viral across the world. Most infamously, his piece advocating for ‘Netherlands second’, which went completely viral. Arjen Lubach is a Dutch comedian known for his wit and jokes about political and current situations, providing a new and perhaps fresh perspective on issues.

In the latest episode of his show, ‘Zondag met Lubach’, the comedian critiqued the Belgian political situation. Currently, Flanders already holds the world record for the longest time for forming a government, which lasted 541 days, however, today the country might even beat their own record, as they have not had a government for a solid 443 days.

Belgium consists of two parts, Flanders and Wallonia. While people in Flanders speak a dialect of Dutch, citizens of Wallonia only speak French, which complicates the situation. Lubach joked in his show that Flanders would survive alone, however, Wallonia would need a buddy, somewhere to fit in. His satirical solution was, therefore, to simply welcome Wallonia to the Netherlands.
The satirical video has clearly struck a nerve with many Belgians, as it got many likes and comments within a short time span. Many agree with Lubach about the saddening situation, while others are calling for the video to be shown in parliament.

Clearly this is not the first time that a comedian makes fun of a sensitive topic, however, sometimes these jokes can also be taken too far. Even comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock have claimed that audiences have become too quick to condemn a joke.

What do you think about comedians making jokes about sensitive topics, is every joke acceptable?

Did you know about the current political situation in Belgium?
Have you ever heard about Arjen Lubach or his infamous ‘Netherlands Second’ video?

Let us know in the comments!

Influence your world,

Team Toluna


  6 months ago
I think people are being too critical and taking themselves too seriously because comedians are there to make fun of everyone and everything if you can't laugh at yourself why is it fair that you are laughing at others that is why when I find comedians jokes offensive I take a deep breath and move on


  6 months ago
Comedians make jokes about sensitive topics all the time, it is kind of what they do. But not all jokes are acceptable. We need to also realise that if we were in those people's shoes at the time, we might also find it unpleasant. I was unaware about the current political situation in Belgium. I have never heard about Arjen Lubach or his infamous ‘Netherlands Second’ video until today. I think comedians try and make the best of a bad situation, but the people living it daily feel the pain. A very thin line indeed...


  6 months ago
Our SA born comedian Trevor Noah makes jokes about our sensitive topics (government, healthcare, crime, etc) all the time and we love him for that becAuse what he says is so true and we South Africans don't judge him for that as we always see the bright and funny side of things.


  6 months ago
i had no idea about the political situation in Belgium. But I feel the is no limit to making jokes, its the same jokes that give us a better perspective viewing of the so called sensetive topics


  6 months ago
Nope. Never heard of him before and i did not know Belgium was in such a sad situation. But even though he joked about it, there is some sense to what he is saying


  6 months ago
Comedians always have a good run with politicians. The jokes are hilarious. Trevor Noah once had a hurtle with then President Jacob Zuma. With regards to Belgium, I had no idea of the political tension.

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