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  6 months ago

A mask, photo, or real face? It doesn't matter anymore | #TolunaNews

Apple introduced FaceID technology In 2017, which allows you to unlock the smartphone by scanning the face in 3D with the iPhone X. Although the system could distinguish between a picture and a real face, it did not have the capacity to distinguish whether the face belongs to a real person or a well-modelled 3D mask. Now, there are face-scanning technologies that can distinguish live skin.

A new camera technology understudy will allow smartphone cameras to identify different object materials, including a person's live skin, and will likely be released next year. Trinamix, a subsidiary of the second-largest chemical manufacture, has developed a new system that uses existing infrared technology and point projectors to detect and identify the type of material an object is made of.

Ingmar Bruder, founder, and CEO of the company stated that they plan to introduce the technology in the MCW 2020, which was canceled earlier this year due to the Coronavirus. However, in a short demo demonstrated by the CEO to the CNET reporter and introducing new technology, the prototype implementation of the technology was able to distinguish a rubber face mask from a real face. The system was also able to identify different materials by comparing two similar-looking blocks, one made of plastic and the other made of wood.

It is now possible to say that the technology can identify different materials by separately identifying the reflected light from infrared sensors and point projectors. This means that the points reflected from the object measure the distance of each backscatter separately. Existing face-scanning systems work differently than they are programmed to detect any abnormality in common point patterns. It is actually really impressive for technology this new.

Trinamix also announced that it is working with world-famous chipmaker Qualcomm to integrate the new algorithm into new mobile chipsets. This means that future smartphones will likely be released with the new 3D face scanning technology. In this way, phones will be able to provide an extra layer of protection when unlocking
Experts also say that technology can be used in cars and robots as it can identify materials such as clothing, metals, wood, and plastic, as well as applying it on smartphones.

What do you think about this news?

Are you using Face ID or a similar application?

Do you trust these companies?

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  6 months ago
I don't like this idea as I do not think it is practical what if something happened to your phone or your face


  6 months ago
It is all really nice, but simple passwords still work for me. I am not using any Face ID or similar application currently. I do not trust these companies as I do not know them, so no.


  6 months ago
Whether we like it or not, it's the way of the future for everything including things like access control, banking, shopping, etc


  6 months ago
Sounds interesting


  6 months ago
That dont agree with me because of privacy


  6 months ago
Nope I don't. Its fascinating though


  6 months ago
I don't use use any facial recognition applications. There are pros and cons. I do not trust these companies because of data privacy concerns and lack of regulation. What measures are in place when your right to privacy is infringed or breached?


  6 months ago
An interesting read. I have touch ID for all my banking apps and wallets. So far I haven't had any problems.


  6 months ago
Wooow...really fascinating. I use my phone for face ID. This shows that technology is really getting better and better. Love this.


  6 months ago
Its quite intriguing and fascinating. I do have facial recognition for my banking app, and so far it works quite stupendous. It makes me feel more secured and in control, surely my data is safe.

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