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  4 months ago

December Movie Results are in - share your review!!

Hello Influencers!

You voted and we got the results! The movie up for review this month is……Elf!

Below shows how to participate and possibly earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie that is at least 125 words which is about 7 lines in a paragraph

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- If you write a review that is at least 125 words, we will give you 1,000 points to your account *

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, the December issue and see if you got featured in the pages! If you got featured you will get an extra 5,000 points!

You have until December 6th to submit your review. Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- you will get your points after the magazine for December is released


  3 months ago
Buddy the elf and his entire plight is an actually beautiful story which is intertwined with nonsense, fun, comedic joviality and a warm hearted completion to his endeavor of searching for his Birth Father! Both of the subjects are perfectly and comedically awesome and we watch it every year due to the fun it instills in all of us. We even purchased a life sized Buddy as a Christmas decoration! Thank you for making us smile!


  3 months ago
I like all the Christmas shows . even elf its a little silly crazy funny all at the same time


  3 months ago
Really cute movie. Buddy is over the top silly and crazy about Christmas. Buddy was sent to be an elf for Santa but one day went to find his real father. He did so many silly things that his father got mad at him and made buddy sad. Buddy worked as an elf in the department store and fell in love with another worker elf and she was perplexed about him. Buddy’s favorite food group was anything sugary. Buddy stumbled upon broken down Santa and his sleigh on Christmas Eve and through the power of everyone al over the world believing in Santa and singing Santa ales was repaired and he could go around the world and deliver toys. The elf then had the girl of his dreams and got married and hey had a baby elf. It was a cute and silly movie


  4 months ago
I don’t know much about Elf. Believe it or not, I have never seen the movie,! But I am Jewish and don’t usually watch Christmas themed movies. I have heard from friends that it is their favorite holiday movie because it is silly, fun, cute and heartwarming. You will laugh and cry at different larts!They say it is one of Will Farrell’s best roles because he captures the essence of the elf but is believable and likeable and not too over the top..despite the fact that it isn’t a realistic story line. Maybe this will be the year that I actually decide to see the movie along with my family and I can speak from about it personal experience!


  4 months ago
Elf is Christmas movie that adults and teenagers can enjoy. This movie is warm, humorous, and sweet. The character Buddy always believed he was a non-human, but he discovered that he was really a true human and he set out to find his true family. The true meaning of this film is that you spent your whole thinking that you are one person and finds out you are not that person. In this movie, while watching the movie, I found it touching. I feel that this movie can be related to people who were adopted as children and set out to locate their biological family. Also, this film provides positive life lessons for us especially people who spent their whole life being angry during the holidays.


  4 months ago
The movie elf is a great film. The clever way they portray a grown man in such a childish way is something that couldve really been terrible. That is if they had used any other actor to play the part of buddy the elf. That actor was ofcoarse Will ferral and his unique comedy stylings combined with his likeability worked brilliantly making this movie an instant comedy classic. Will just brings so much spontaneous original humer its almost impossible not to enjoy virtually any role he plays and i must say i have seen this film 20 plus times and it still makes me laugh. Also i have two young children and this movie is suitable for a young audience as well as a mature audience making it a holliday family comedy top pick for this time of year it is just so hilarious and yet so tasteful it really is an outstanding comedy. This movie is one of my favorite will ferral films of all times i would definitely recommend this film to anyone who has yet to see it because its so worth the watch.


  4 months ago
The movie Elf just wasnt an enjoyable viewing for me. It was not awful. It was not a movie I watched a 2nd time. I had a hard time watching a grown man pretend to be a child. A very weird flick I thought. Actually made me cringe a few times and wanting to turn it off. I think Ferrel wasted his talent on this one.


  4 months ago
Absolutely amazing! I laughed so hard i cried. Sone silly parts but thats will for ya. Perfect for my family it's better than the trailer and I guess they show odd parts? My favorite part of the movie is when elf travelers through pole. I'm So sorry I was in my feels while watching. It has a great story line and doesn't drag at all so I really recommend it every one I see. I' already bought the DVD set and kids worn it out soon I'll be buying another I'm suteit's just not holiday sea son without elf movie I swearBuddy is hilarious. His physical comedy cracked me up and his childlike persona is only something that he can pull off. Bob Newhart is perfectly cast as Walter, Buddy’s long lost birth father. This movie is appropriate for all ages and anyone . Pop the popcorn and gather the family around this holiday season and watch ELF. It will be sure to make you smile.


  4 months ago
The Elf was a good movie i always liked Will Ferrell Movie's , He was so Funny an very Entertaining ,Which i love to laugh an Enjoyed Watching it with My Grandbabies where they was having a good Time having Movie Night an Popcorn ,Juice An Sleeping Bags where we just laid on the floor an Really had a Fun Movie Night watching Elf an the Movie Was Funny that My Grandbaby Just Couldn't Stop Laughing at Every Funny Scene ,It's A Must Screen Movie fun for the Whole Family ,He was So Happy when he found His Father an It took a Minute for his Dad to realize he was not Crazy an Accept him into the Family ,An it was Great to Sit back an enjoy a Fun Movie Night with the Grands .An this is One of the Kids Favorite Movies which i had to make sure i Brought the Movie for there Mom too ,Where they would be able to see at there House when They Not At Grandma's It's A Must See Movie .


  4 months ago
I like Will Ferrel as the Elf, because of his size, and he has that certain amount of innocence portrayed by him. A very cute movie for all ages, anytime of the year to be enjoyed, one of my favorite Christmas movies, since its release. Who wouldn't love an Elf named Buddy, who was transported as a toddler to the North Pole, and raised by Santa's elves. Always having the feeling of not fitting in, Buddy travels to New York as a 30 year old adult searching for his real father, James Caan with matching DNA. This movie is sweet, and funny, and has a giant Elf with a big heart. This is also my granddaughter's favorite Christmas movie, and she just turned 40 years old this year! I recommend this movie.
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