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An Australian woman from New South Wales got a tattoo in front of her eyes and temporarily lost her eyesight, which lasted three weeks.

Amber Luke spent $26,000 on her body transformations, including the splitting of her tongue and tunnels in the ears. She had 200 tattoos on her body, enlarged her breasts and changed the shape of her cheeks, lips and ears.

Luke, who calls herself the Blue-Eyed White Dragon, decided to use tattoos to give her eyeballs a blue color. According to 24-year-old Luke, the master put paint too deep into her eye, which caused serious damage.

She said she risked going blind forever after she was injected with blue ink in her eyeballs: ""When the ink pierced my eye, it felt like the tattoo artist grabbed a lot of glass and rubbed my eyes.""

Earlier, it was reported that a 16-year-old Columbia resident lost her child and became disabled because of a tattoo made during pregnancy. She pierced her right breast with a few words and then got bacteria into her body.

What do you think about this body transformation? Are you a lover of tattoos?

Do you really think that it's worth to lose your sight or even life for some tattoos?

Do you see tattoos like an art?

Let us know in the comments!

Influence your world,

Team Toluna


  8 months ago
I don't understand why women or men would want to do this to themselves.


  8 months ago
Tattoos are just another outlet for people to show their creativity and uniqueness.


  8 months ago
I think it looks freakish. It is foolish to risk your sight and/or your baby to look like a freak. No, I do not see this as art. Pitiful is the word.


  8 months ago
Good luck trying to find a professional job. I agree with Pinktroll, they are going to look awful as her skin ages. No tattoos for me!


  8 months ago
She sure was a pretty young lady BEFORE the tattoos. After them and the surgeries she looks like a freak. I do not have any tattoos and never plan on getting any. Some look ok on people but I don't like when they cover their whole body. Anywhere on the face they look stupid. Would really like to see a picture of her at about 65 and see how they look then, and then again if she makes it to 80. I also do not have any understanding of why she would risk her sight to make her eyes blue. How disgusting. And to think that many illnesses are found by looking at the white portions of our eyes. Good luck with that for her. $26,000 for that crap? She should be ashamed of herself. She should have used it for a shrink.


  8 months ago
I don’t think it’s worth it to get tattoos in the way those two ladies did.So sad the Second lady mentioned lost her baby after getting a tattoo.


  8 months ago
I do nit find them attractive nor interesting. Your putting poison in your body, which could kill your.


  8 months ago
i like tattoos i have 2. its a form of art.


  8 months ago
I don't have any tattoos, but don't see anything wrong if people don't go too far. 20 years ago my cousin got a tattoo and the next day she was having grand maul seizures and flown to a bigger hospital where she spent months w/ seizures(she was only 19 and lost all her teeth because of grinding while seizing). To this day she has seizures and the only thing she did differently the night before was having that tattoo. She lost memory of a majority of her past, including not remembering having her daughter who was still a baby at the time. Those memories have never came back


  8 months ago
How can she believe this is attractive? I do not have tattoos, but my hubby has three. None are visible with a t-shirt on. I don't mind a few tattoos, but I don't believe they should be visible in the workplace. I was in the ER a few years back. When the doctor walked in, he was covered in tattoos. I just don't find them professional. Yes, people paint their bodies as an art form, but they shouldn't go overboard. It certainly would not be worth it if it caused me any health problems, and to lose a baby is horrible.
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