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Dear influencers,

When we look at the near future, it's not looking good for our oceans.

If things don’t change, in just 30 years, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans, and coral reefs might disappear completely by then.

What if we told you that we could reverse this? If every Toluna Influencer picks up one piece of plastic, together we can clean up over 26 million pieces of plastic!

Whenever you see a piece of rubbish on a beach or in your city, it doesn't take much effort to throw it into a bin or to recycle it.

What are your tips for cleaning up the ocean? Show us what you do to protect our oceans.

Create a topic on the community with #PlantYourFuture in your title, letting us know your tips and tricks, the best ones will receive points! You have until September 22nd to complete.

1st place: 10 000 points

2nd place: 5000 points

3rd place: 3000 points

Influence your world,

Toluna Team


  16 months ago
Do away with no recyclable materials all together. Any manufacturing distributing it should receive a hefty fine and must comply or be forced out if. Business. Make it class a felony. Also if they convert to non plastic. They can receive tax incentives.. elimante the use of it all together. And those caught littering should be fined hefty as well..


  16 months ago
Make a form of plastic that is biodegradable and that is safe for people and all living things. Either way people are going to litter their is no way to stop everyone but if u made biodegradable packaging we wont have to worry as much because it will break down but it will have to be safe for humans and animals and for the earth. With today's technology it should not be very hard to make. And with all the plastic that is already made have a place for people to take it in like they use to do with glass bottle. And like they have for cans. So then people would be more inspired to recycle it so it can be made into other things that people cant litter around the oceans and earth.


  16 months ago
In the age of drones we should have OceanBots: DroneTrash Skimmers that patrol the ocean and collect floating debris. Make it happen.


  16 months ago
In my town it really annoys me that the recycling doesn't include glass. I think it should be mandatory that everything that can be recycled is recycled. It doesn't do any good to say "reduce, recycle and reuse" if its not being done. Also, as far as our large ocean fish go, many nations do not restrict their fishing industries and ALL nations need to do this.
All that plastic everywhere needs to be reused. We are able to make even building materials from it and that would save many of our trees. There are tons of things to be made from recycled plastic, Lord knows there is enough of it everywhere to be turned into useful items and out of our oceans, landfills and countryside.


  16 months ago
In my town, recycling is included curbside with my water bill. Yet there’s still a lot of people who don’t use that benefit. I recycle everything allowed curbside twice a week, then my plastic bags I take to my local Walmart & recycle them there! A little bit goes along way! #PlantYourFuture #recycle #livingGreen


  16 months ago
If boats of all kinds travel the oceans then they should all be equipped with proper recycling , and find other ways for sustainable fishing with nets, and definitely not throw plastics in the ocean. Also, boats should GO GREEN, avoid oil as fuel.


  16 months ago
It is great picking up trash on the beach or in the ocean, but how does it all get there? We have thousands of people who do not care and just litter. They throw things off boats into these waters. People leave their trash in the sand because they are too lazy to walk it to the trash as they leave. Also recycling. If people did more of this then it would also become less.
It is so hard for people to become a team and put forth the effort, but the Toluna team will succeed!
Pick up trash
P.S.- also if you have the plastic rings that come off drinks, cut those in pieces. These can and will get caught in ducks/birds beaks. It has been known.


  16 months ago
#PlantYourFuture It starts with each person. Reduce, reuse, recycle. If you see plastic, pick it up and put it in a recycle bin.


  16 months ago
So aleays have a bag with u and gloves with u. Clean uo any trash u see. On days off go walk beach and road areas and clean up. Environment gets cleaned. Also u get some exercise and shows u care about keeping things clean.


  16 months ago
I agree there should be a stronger punishment for those ( companies, fisheries, etc.) that dump ANY kind of waste into the ocean. There should also create a company that cleans the oceans on every coast. It would create jobs for those in need
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