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  1 month ago

Am i wrong?

Ok so when we had our kid i would let each on get a special treat they dont have to share, because face it not all kids like the same thing so i let each one pick a treat and i would also get other things they shared.I also did this with me and my husband i got him stuff to take to work he liked and i got something i liked.No problems until my mother inlaw became sick and we sold our house to move into her's.First off my husbands Chief of Police and sometimes he dont have time to stop so i make him up a bag to take with him,but when i buy him stuff my mother inlaw gives it to our grand kids.There's all kinds of other things for them to eat but she gives all his snack and its not one or two snacks she feeds them ever 30 mins. I am their grandma too but she feeds them way to much crap but she or their mom dont listen. Anyways i started putting his snacks my our room in a cabinet we have and she bitched me out even though i pay for them. She has no respect for me or my husband so we just bought another house and are moving out.When i said she was sick she was on her death bed her heart was giving out they gave her a pacemaker and now 3 years later shes better she could care less about us. What she needed was someone who could pay the bills(my husband) a maid and driver(me) and im done.


  1 month ago
tyvm all for your info. Reply


  1 month ago
Glad you vented! No, you did the correct thing moving...out. Much more peaceful Id say:) Reply


  1 month ago
I'm sorry you went thru that, you did right Reply


  1 month ago
You're not wrong at all. You did the right thing moving out, she can't treat you like that. I'm sorry you went through that, must be tough. Reply


  1 month ago
most mental issues comes from parents Reply

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