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  14 months ago

You think about ethical options while shopping?

Nowadays we always have to measure the impact of our choices, whether it’s social impact or environmental but some people get driven by price tag while shopping and forget about what is behind low prices. Many companies of fast-fashion manly are the ones with the best deals but also have a very bad consequences, some of them use cheap material, made of non reusable ingredients, that are bad for the environment or has not very ethical means of production. Other problems that your clothing can have is using very cheap labour, slavery and sometimes even children’s labor and that is exactly what justifies it’s low price.

Do you think about that while shopping? What choices would you do to have a guilty-free products?

Let us know in comment section below!

Team Toluna


  13 months ago
Yah, That's Matters.


  13 months ago
First of all, I use paper bags. B-) You know, the aesthetic ones. PAPER BAGS ARE COOL, BRO. It makes a person look minimal, pleasant, cute and aesthetic! Wait, I'm going off topic.
Second, people usually don't think about stuffs when it comes to these. 'Does it cost less? Okay, grab it.' 'OMG! That shop has 60% discount in every products! Let's go!' That is the actual reality. People go for low cost things because that's what some of us can afford in order to live our daily life! So, they don't have time to think about how some of the things can affect the environment because they are so busy looking after their need in order to live the next day.
About the guilty-free products. I buy things like gelatin etc. whic doesn't have any kind of animal stuffs in it. Also, I don't buy bags or items that has snake leather used in it. And, also, mat/carpet that has tiger, leopard, bear etc. fur in it. Oh, that could be included in the jackets for winter that use real animal products and make-up brushes.
What I'm basically trying to say is that, they kill animals because of their selfish needs. It is not accepatable. No wonder why animals are going extinct and the planet is close to dying.
OH! Did you hear that the Elephants are currently in so much danger that it could lead to extinction? THINK! IF ELEPHANTS DIE, GLOBAL WARMING WILL BE THE END OF US! Elephants are great creatures that are useful for the environment.
This is all I had to say. Stay hydrated people and make our fellow creatures hydrated too! :)

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