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  14 months ago

Europe's heatwave | Is a new approach to urban planning necessary?

Europe is currently experiencing a heat wave. But, it is not just us or our pets that are feeling the effects of the heat; the streets and railway tracks are also quite hot. For example, two days ago it was already reported that the tracks in Switzerland had bent due to the high temperatures. In France, trains are having to run slower in some parts, because the tracks have deformed there as well. Such track distortions can pose considerable dangers, which is why there have been cancellations and delays on the affected lines.

To alleviate and prevent these dangers, an Austrian railway company has now taken some precautionary measures. For example, some track sections have been painted with white paint to prevent the tracks from heating up too much. Without paint they can reach up to 70 degrees. In Switzerland and Germany, this method is now being implemented and tried out on a number of parking sections to see whether it is worthwhile or whether other dangers could arise as a result.

The Dutch government handles it a bit differently. There, the roads are sprayed with salt water. The salt removes the moisture from the air and thus the road surface is cooled, so that fewer bumps occur and existing cracks do not cause even bigger pot holes in the road.
On motorways and large country roads, these measures are not necessary, as the asphalt already has a different structure, which improves the absorption of liquids.

Other cities have already tested white asphalt to prevent overheating in urban areas or to at least to lessen it. Often, the dark road surface can cause entire streets to heat up unnecessarily.

What do you think about this? Should several such methods be used and also developed to cool cities more efficiently?
Or do you think that the effort is not required because the heat wave only spans across a few days a year?

We are looking forward to your comments.

Your Toluna Team


  13 months ago
Prevention of the cause


  14 months ago
Plant trees


  14 months ago
These measures should be taken by every country to cool down. The heat wave is too much in hot areas all around the world. LETS BEAT THE HEAT by growing more trees as well.


  14 months ago
Well, they did good by taking measures. But, as far as I checked the Europe and other foreign countries are experiencing less 'heat wave' or heat compared to the countries in Middle East. Not to mention that we have only desserts here which makes it worse. In my opinion, I think they were a bit too late with the precautionary measure but oh well, who am I to judge about that? Even if we experience hot and dry humid or humid weather for just certain days, it is still unbearable for us and animals and for our vehicles also. Like, how are we supposed to get inside the vehicle if it's burning hot?
Just stay hydrated, people. Also, give cool water to our fellow animals and don't kill them just because you find them annoying. Make sure you spray cold ice water to vehicles or anything that you use in order for it to cool down.

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