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  14 months ago

Hello my toluna friends!!!

It has been a while since I have posted anything on here. How is everyone doing? What is new in your lives?


  14 months ago
Hi, glad to have you back, hope you are doing well. Nothing much new in my life, I am still going to a lot of concerts and we are planning a cruise to Cuba next Jan. I'm still trying to eat right and exercise and eat right most days, I don't always succeed but I keep on trying.


  14 months ago
Well.... I bought a car nearly a year and a half ago, when my old 1982 Volvo 245GL's diesel motor needed a repair that nobody was still able to do, and I plan a springtime camping vacation, this year, going in my 2002 Toyota Sienna, bought used, but in excellent condition. It will be my third camping vacation, using the Sienna.


  14 months ago
Good to see you online again.


  14 months ago
hope you are doing well. i have been to dr. again. getting another neck surgery in july. he says it should help with the pain. (hope so). hope you have been ok.


  14 months ago
CONGRATULATE ME I recently got health insurance. I was able to get a root canal and now I'm waiting on my crown~~got the temporary in now.
Getting my prolapse taken care of too!
Exciting to know that I won't have to die a slow, painful death due to our cruddy for-profit health care that leaves many uninsured.
I'm going to be planting a new plot of irises. Our others got dug up when they had to take out the well's old bladder pump (I know, right? Who buries the bladder pump?!)
I spotted a Pileated Woodpecker this spring! I've been looking for one for years. Seen it in our own back yard! I'm hoping it will come back.
I got a nice set of binoculars for Winter Solstice. Sadly, I accidentally left them outside during a bird 'hunt' and they got water damage. SO now they're sitting in a bag of rice. Hopefully that will take the condensation out.
I'm waiting for the orioles and hummers to show up. Got my feeder out where I can see it from the bed.
Looking forward to 'catching' some monarch caterpillars for my mini aquarium. Last summer I released 2 or 3 butterflies that hatched from the cocoon.
Been actively participating in aerobics and strength-training. I'm getting solid abs and muscular arms.
I hope your life is as fun as mine has been lately.


  14 months ago
Nice to see you here again on Toluna.I haven’t had any happy new developments in my life to report.Just hanging in there.


  14 months ago
Hi! I am doing great! Today is a beautiful sunny day here in Florida. Hope you are doing well. You must have been on Toluna before I joined because I do not remember you.

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