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  41 months ago

*Surprise Contest* Celebrate National Pink Day

Pink Day was established in 2007 after a pair of students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, saw one of their fellow students at Central Kings Rural High School being bullied for no other reason than that they were wearing a pink shirt.

They started Pink Day - to get everyone to take a stand against bullying and have everyone at their school wear pink the next day.

Since then, every February 27th has officially been pink day, to spread understanding and fight to end bullying.

In honor of this holiday, we are having a surprise content contest!


1. Create a Topic between February 26 - February 28
2. Topic must be about Bullying
3. Topic title must include the word "bullying"

Everyone who participates will earn 500 points.

**Only one topic will be awarded per person, but if you would like to enter more than one that is your decision. We want to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions on bullying! Points will be rewarded by March 10, 2019 - US and CA only.


  41 months ago
Bullying is bad for everyone it changes everyone for the worst no one including the bullies ever completely recover from what comes from this sad and evil thing that some feel is funny and of no consequence


  41 months ago
Bullying is installed by bully parents and should be stopped!


  41 months ago
Bullying like many other bad habits kids develop occur because the child isn’t being patented. Let’s remember our children are sponges and they only mimic what they see. As parents we must make the time to set positive examples at home first if we ever have a chance at combatting this problem. Cyber bullying is out of control because to many children get free reign of the computer, supervise what your kids post online!


  41 months ago
Bullying prevention begins at home. More parents need to teach their children love and tolerance.


  41 months ago
Remember, do unto others as you would have done unto you


  41 months ago
Bullying could cause severe trauma and breakdown. It can cause emotional setbacks and initiate suicidal thinking. If only it could be stopped and I repeat in a more clear tone "IF ONLY IT COULD BE STOPPED"...Imagine the losses families have been through as a result of bullying...What do we need to do? Start a campaign saying "No to Bullying". I'll clearly beat a bully without my fist...take a stand y'all we are better than this. FIGHT AGAINST BULLYING NO MATTER WHAT! No one deserves to be bullied no matter the size, skin color, beliefs, background or ethnicity. I can't stand bullies and I know you too can't...let's all join forces and beat a bully without using our fists!


  41 months ago
Bullying is increasing in our schools and adults as well. My granddaughter was bullied in school and it broke my heart to see it happen. Too many people today committing suicide over bullying. We need to try to get to the reason they are treating people this way. Most times they just want a little TLC and someone to listen to them


  41 months ago
Remember the guy everyone thought was horrible for making his kid walk to school because she was kicked off the bus for bullying? To that man I say Bravo! If more parents were as proactive as him, bullying might be less of a problem.


  41 months ago
Bullying is one of the biggest issues in modern day. My daughter gets bullied at school because she is independent. It seems when we add people are afraid of someone else's confidence they act out in a way of making fun of beautiful people I believe is adas of paid more attention to our kids and who they are there would be less bullying and less suicides and school shootings. Whitch I believe stem from bullying.


  41 months ago
Bullying is become a every day occurance at many schools. Kids are being disrespected more and more by their peers. The fact is many are harmed by bullying and as policies enforce the bullying becomes worse. Unfortunately it's a vicious cycle that we need to find a way to stop. So so many kids either commit suicide or think of self harm as a way out of dealing with all of this. It causes hurt hatred and anger. I hope we fu d a way to teach our future generations to respect one another.
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