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  7 months ago

Toluna Movie Club - November Movie Reviews Here

Hello Influencers!

You’ve voted and voted in the past two weeks and we’ve now got the results! The movie up for review this month is


Here is how to participate and earn up to a total of 6,000 points!

1- Write a review for the selected movie

2- Post the review in a comment to this topic

3- Once you’ve added your review to the topic, send an email to, to let us know of your participation and we will hastily add 1000 points to your account.*

4- Check out the upcoming Toluna Magazine, December issue and see if you got featured in the pages!- If you got featured you will get an extra 5000 points!

That’s pretty much it- 4 little steps towards becoming a full fledged movie critic.

Let the Movie Club Begin!

*Note- in order to get the points you must submit your review until the 30th of November, 2018, and ensure that your review is your own piece of writing and has at least 200 words. We will not be rewarding any reviews that do not fit the 200 word mark.


  6 months ago
Home Alone should be in the top five movies of its decade. About a large family going abroad for the Christmas holidays. Young McCauley Cocklin isn't accidentally forgotten during the morning of their flight out. He wakes up completely alone. After the shock wears off he is excited.
Once the realization comes that he is literally all alone for at least a week the fear sets in.
He discovers himself and opens up and faces his fears. All the while his mother is frantically trying to return to him.
All in all I give it nine out of ten stars.


  6 months ago
Home Alone 1 is a good movie to watch during the holiday season. As a parent I can relate with all the chaos, that goes on in with having children, then to add other family members to the mad house. The son Kevin, age 9 woke up to a empty house. Soon he realized he overslept and his family had left him home alone while they went on a trip to Greece. Like most 9 year old boys he was shocked and scared to death at first. It didn’t take him long to start enjoying the empty house, no rules, no arguing. While the family was unable to come right back and get Kevin the neighborhood had 2 thugs breaking in homes they thought were all empty. As to their surprise they met their match when they tried to break in Kevin’s house. This movie is hilarious and I enjoyed watching it every time.


  6 months ago
Home Alone 1 & 2 are great movies and I highly recommend them. We watch them periodically throughout the year when we miss the snow or are trying to just get through it. “Kevin” makes the snow much more enjoyable with his mischievous antics. The two thieves endure some hilarious circumstances after they take on a kid who is protecting his home and toy store from being burglarized. These movies will definitely make you smile.


  6 months ago
Home alone is a favorite of mine and my entire family's. Its a great movie to curl up on the couch with family and watch on a christmas eve . Its full of twists and turns in the exciting story of a city kid getting left to his own demise over christmas. When his family leaves for a family vacation without him . Leaving this young kid to fend for himself as his family boards their airplane McCully finds himself trying to prevent would be Robbers that try relentlessly to break into the boys family home repeatedly trying and nearly succeeding in terrorizing him ((McCully) until the robbers get the card turned on them when they realize they aren't messing with just any ordinary kid he's In fact definatley anything but ordinary with his witty comebacks and pranks he tries everything possible to keep the robbers out of his family home . Giving you a belly ache from laughing is a definite possibility in this quirky ,cute and absolutely hilarious family movie. Guaranteed to give anyone a laugh. This is a must see if you haven't seen it . It will surely become a family favorite and create a ton of laughs and fun times with your family watching this hilarious suspenseful , cute family film


  6 months ago
Home alone is a must watch, McCully Colkin's is the young actor who ran around a empty home building pranks and traps for 2 robbers who try to escape with I suppose the presents that were under the tree. Attempting to come in through the chimney, the window, the front and back doors, the robbers continue to fail. I also thought about the comparison this film has to, Hunny I Shrunk the Kids, as the parents disappeared and were know where to be found in the film as the kids ran across a maze within the empty house as shrunked kids. To combine these two stories and come up with one film is an extravagant idea of mine that I think would provoke alot of interest as the empty homes become a stage for exciting and fun fullfilled activity.


  6 months ago
If you're looking for a fun family Christmas video then Home Alone is a must! In this movie you'll find a young boy who is locked my himself the middle of a big city during Christmas. On waking up he finds that his family has left without him and didn't notice him missing until they were on their way for an adventure of their own. During the movie two wannabe robbers are trying their best to get into his home when they think everyone is gone for holiday. Upon realizing this, the young boys' mischievious mind creates mastermind pranks and tricks to deter the wannabe robbers. Of course; with the help of a special new friend or two, a city park full of obstacle courses and many distractions as the burglars chase him.With all the plotting and planning and cunning ways of the burglars and young McCully make this movie a must watch during the holidays. In the end you'll see the adventures of life for family love and true giving!


  6 months ago
Home Alone is one of my favorite movies especially at Christmas time. I laugh every time I watch it. We sit down every year to watch it as a family and always end up having a ton of fun. One of the funniest parts is when Marv puts the tarantula on Harry .. I can hear that scream right now


  6 months ago
Home Alone is the most epic movie of all times and it's a must to watch it on Christmas eve and Christmas day with family and friends ! My favorite part in Home Alone is when he put on the movie and had fire works in the pot and recited the line from the movie and scared Marv away that was one of the best part ever in the movie. Another favorite part in the movie was when the cans came down and hit Marv and Harry in the head that was most definitely hilarious. I think Home Alone teaches kids to learn to have extraordinary ideas and put some ideas in their minds of their own. The things Kevin was coming up with was like amazing especially for his age and he was very talented with it, plus all his plans and strategies were truly a success throughout the movie. I would recommend this movie and all the other series of Home Alone to any and everybody that haven't watched them to sit down and watch it with their family and friends no doubt.


  6 months ago
Home Alone is my son's favorite movie. He will watch it all day over and over. I think he can tell you everything that happens and is said in the movie. It is a wonderful Christmas movie and is for the whole family. If you like funny movies this is the one to watch. They have series of Home Alone so don't just stop at one watch all of the. The stuff the boy comes up with is amazing. He knew how to protect himself and his home. The boy is a genius when coming up with traps to save his home. The movie he played of the two gangsters talking and then when the gun goes off is just too funny. I mean most kids wouldn't think of the stuff he done. I like it when the burglars try to get in. The can that hits the guy in the head and then the blow torch, the tar and all the other scenes. I would recommend this movie to anyone and I hope they enjoy it. I really enjoyed the part when he helped his neighbor with seeing his son and his family. He was afraid of the neighbor first but in the end they were like friends. The lady in the park because his friend too. It just shows that kindness can go a long way. He excepted the guy and the lady know matter what they were.


  6 months ago
Home Alone is a riot. It's a slapstick packed movie we love to watch as a family every Christmas season.
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