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  8 months ago

Weekend Opinions Contest – Frozen Time

Hello Influencers!

This time around we're going to look back a bit and think about all those nice moments we've captured in photos. Those times that we've considered so precious that we've decided to freeze them in times.

For the Weekend Opinions Contest this time around we're asking you to post a comment in which you describe which is the most close and important photo you have- make us see it through your words, and then tell us why this is the ONE picture that you're so close to.

Participating is super easy, additionally it gives you a guaranteed 500 points, plus, the top 3 comments, in our Moderators’ view, will get an extra 5000 points each.

Post an opinion on to this topic in the comment section below.

*Promotion Rules: Open to US and Canada only. Limit one opinion created per person. Members must post an opinion on the designated Toluna Topic for their country, and can win 500 points. Opinions must be posted by 01:00AM EST on Monday, May 7th to be counted. Bonus points will be awarded to winners by 5PM EST, on Tuesday May 8th, 2018, and will be uploaded to users’ accounts via external crediting. Opinions must not contain any language or image that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above. Violation of these rules, and/or the Toluna Member Code of Conduct may result in the closure of your Toluna account.


  8 months ago
What comes to mind first is a photo of me, making a crazy face (because I was telling a crazy story) while everyone around me is laughing and smiling while we were out to dinner celebrating my moms birthday. It was a rare time that the whole family got together to go out to dinner and we had a great time being with each other. Its a moment I cherish now that my mom has passed.


  8 months ago


  8 months ago
A photo of my daugther opening some Christmas presents the next day nex to the dinning room, capture her surprise and fascinated look of amazemen at what she saw her naivety..wheever I see the fhoto I remember the moment as if it were today.


  8 months ago
when i gave birth to my firstborn son ♡ hes my pride and joy still


  8 months ago
The picture of me holding my first child and the cluelessness on my face!!


  8 months ago
A painting of my twin brother who is gone now but I still feel connected and I Still see in my dreams I dream about his future and his family and what he could have been. His ashes are planted and sprouted into a cherry blossom tree and me underneath that blossom you see it wasn't a physical form of painting of his self but a blossom tree.


  8 months ago
The picture of my father, gone now 8 years, as a young teen in eans and a button down shirt sitting on a broken down log fence. He was in Arizona at a boarding school sent there as a medical treatment following a year plus recovering from rheumatic fever. The man I knew was always calm, quiet, reserved. He developed heart disease from the ailment and became quite reserved. But this picture of a smiling teen shows how he was before getting sick...he loved Arizona being transplanted from Brooklyn NY. In this shot you can see the excitement he felt & the anticipation he had for his future. When I see his smile in this picture I almost can feel him here with me now.


  8 months ago
Nice and cold.


  8 months ago
A picture of my best friend, high school sweetheart that I’ve been married to for almost 30 years now


  8 months ago
la imagen , que viene a la mente y de gran recuerdo, es mi abuelo mi super abuelo es uno de los recuerdo mas valioso y que pueda tener .. su gran ejemplo de ser fiel, buen amigo, trabajador, excelente padre , eres mi gran ejemplo a seguir eres mi fortaleza mi orgullo, no hay recuerdo mas valioso y maravilloso e importante que mi great grandfather
un abuelo es alguien con plata en su cabello y oro en su corazón
por eso te doy gracias por siempre estar dispuesto a pasar tiempo con sus nietos , por tan hermosas historias que me contabas cada tarde para divertirme y luego para dormir, por enseñarme cosas de valor incalculable, por ser tan amable y por quererme mucho
y hoy te dedico mi imagen mas valiosa te amo y ahora todo eso que hiciste por mi lo hago por ti de corazón y porque te amo con el alma y agradezco a dios tenerte a mi lado , por haberte elegido a ti como abuelo fue lo mejor , dios te la comiste con ese regalo gracias --
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