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  11 days ago

Is The US the friendliest country? - My Country Does It Better Challenge

Every year InterNations publishes its Expat Insider report, where it ranks each Nation according to points such as security, job satisfaction and friendliness.

For example, in the 2017 report Portugal ranked 5th in the overall table, but is placed 1st when it comes to friendliness.  

Survey respondents named the culture, the weather and the people as the main reasons for their choice. We don’t doubt that the Portuguese are very nice people, but are they really the friendliest?

Our challenge to you is: Prove that The US is actually the friendliest by inviting as many friends as you can to join Toluna.

To participate, follow these simple steps:

♣ Use the referral link that is on the homepage, just under your profile summary

♣ Leave a comment on this topic to let us know to keep an eye out for your friends

♣ Registrations must be done before 26th March at 23h59

♣ Make sure that your friends feel welcomed in the community, invite them to create a topic!

Remember: By joining the My Country Does It Better competition, you can earn 3000 points each week and a 10$ voucher at the end!

*Only valid referrals will be considered. By valid we mean registrations made through referral links, from verifiable people who have confirmed their Toluna registration.


  20 hours ago
Proud to be an American. We are the worlds melting pot Reply


  1 day ago
yes cool Reply


  1 day ago
Besides the racial profiling that happens in this county, it can be better than what it is. So many people from all over the world grace its' shore bringing their talents and gifts here, and because of this, we can be so much better than any other countries in the world. America is not using its gift because of prejudice. Our leaders are so much responsible for the bad things that go on in this country, such as lack of respect towards our elderly and also allowing our children to be disobedient not only to their parents, but also to their teachers. Given the facts that our children can be more productive if they are not upheld in their behavior, because what is happening is that instead of raising a nationt of geninues, they are raising a nation of criminals. Reply


  1 day ago
yes cool Reply

  1 day ago
I believe n I am very happy n proud to say that I live in the USA n agree that we are considered The Friendliest!!! Reply


  1 day ago
Yes The USA Is The Friendliest Reply


  2 days ago
USA is home of freedom and the brave, you want to help prove USA is the friendliest?? Click my referral link and join now!! Reply


  3 days ago
America is the friendliest country thats why every tom dick and harry comes over here to see if they can smooch money off government they get treated better than the ones who lives here. But i think they need to start looking at our homeless and the military that are living in places you wouldnt want to be caught in. And i believe if you come here to live you should be accountable for your actions. Especially being here over many years get citizenship not wait till your getting deployed start crying so you could stay. Get with the issue at hand if your legal you wouldnt have to worry. What are you hiding from. If you want to live here get with the ball game....... Reply


  3 days ago
MOpe Reply


  4 days ago
No.It wasn't and never was,.ppl are smiles at you with their faces and their intentions were not related what's in their minds and souls Reply
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