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  20 days ago

Favorite Word W.O.C.

Hello awesome influencers!

This week we're celebrating more than 200 years since the Oxford Dictionary was invented. Imagine that, 200 years of keeping track of words, of how language evolves, and how it shapes minds and cultures alike. 

I've always found it beyond stunning how we can communicate the most impressive and astonishing of things with using the proper words. I might be a bit of a bookworm, but I've always thought words are the real weapons anyone can have. They may bring down empires, and they may make even the coldest of hearts fall in love. 

So this weekend contest will do with just that, words. Namely your favorite word! 

Post what is your favorite word, and the reason for it being your favorite as a comment to this topic and you're automatically entered. 

Participating is super easy, additionally it gives you a guaranteed 500 points, plus, the top 3 comments, in our Moderators’ view, will get an extra 5000 points each.

*Promotion Rules: Open to US and Canada only. Limit one opinion created per person. Members must post an opinion on the designated Toluna Topic for their country, and can win 500 points. Opinions must be posted by 01:00AM EST on Tuesday, February 6th to be counted.  Bonus points will be awarded to winners by 5PM EST, on Wednesday, February 7th, 2018, and will be uploaded to users’ accounts via external crediting. Opinions must not contain any language or image that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above. Violation of these rules, and/or the Toluna Member Code of Conduct may result in the closure of your Toluna account.


  14 days ago
I am not sure if this is a word from the dictionary or made up. Honey-do. A list you keep that you want your honey to do. Lol Reply


  15 days ago
My favorite word is Adventure. The word itself exudes excitement and wonder. It can be relevant to life's ventures and simple everyday life. Reply


  15 days ago
Attaccapanni. It means cloths hangers in Italian. Just always like saying it. Reply


  16 days ago
Enchanting is my favorite word because it reminds me of when my mom used to read aloud my favorite FairyTale book and that was one of the words that were used to describe the beautiful princesses in the book. Reply


  16 days ago
I don't know that I would call this my favorite word, or words in this case, but I do think we should all use it more often. The words are "Good Day!". I never hear anyone say this. People say good morning to me and good night, but no one ever says good day or even good afternoon. I think we should. Here's an example: Think Willy Wonka - " you get... NOTHING!!! You lose! GOOD DAY, SIR!" If this answer doesn't count since it is two words, my other choice is "indeed" - another under utilized word. I think it's a cool word. It sounds very proper and it can be used in so many ways. Reply


  16 days ago
My favorite word is "forgiveness". Forgiveness gives so much freedom, especially when we have the most important forgiveness of all - God's forgiveness. And best of all, God's forgiveness is a free gift offered to ALL. John 3:16. Reply


  16 days ago
PEACE is my favorite word....although it seems allusive we should never give up trying to attain it! Happy February y'all! Reply


  16 days ago
PEACE is my favorite word....although it seems allusive we should never stop trying to obtain it! Happy February y'all! Reply


  17 days ago
My favorite word is shenanigans. It's a word I find myself using fairly often, particularly as a substitute for profanity. Reply


  17 days ago
Facetious - because I enjoy the reaction of people when I make a facetious comment, and when I say the word, o one knows what I'm talking about, they just look puzzled! Reply
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