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  57 months ago

Weekend Opinion Contest - Friday the 13th

Spook month is here already and we're slowly preparing for the big Howl-o-een!
So this weekend we're doing a Friday the 13th Opinions Contest.

Get your spook on and share with us your opinions, tales, anecdotes on superstitions about this gruesome date- Friday the 13th.

Participating is super easy, post a comment, with your opinion, to this topic and you are guaranteed 500 points, plus, whichever opinion gets the most likes will get an additional 5000 points.


  56 months ago
it will be a special day i will watch it with my wife and kids.


  57 months ago
My sister got married on Friday the 13th! Everyone thought that they were really tempting fate, but she and her husband thought that it would be “quirky”. The wedding went off without a hitch, and this year, they will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! To this day, every Friday the 13th throughout the year, no matter what month it falls on, my brother-in-law
celebrates the day by giving my sister yellow roses.


  57 months ago
To be honest I just treat Friday the 13th just like any other day. Most times I don't even realize that it was Friday the 13th


  57 months ago
yes with children


  57 months ago
I don't have any superstitions about Friday the 13th but I do think it's fun to have a "special" date in the month.


  57 months ago
I always end up working the 13th and there are always weird things happening. No crazy events but just weird encounters with patients, but we always look at it as a fun day.


  57 months ago
Since I'm a little girl I have always heard that walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck so I have always avoided doing that. Also, when I see a black cat I avoid looking at it eyes to eyes. Finally, I try to not break any mirror which will bring me seven years of back luck. But I don't consider myself as a superstitious person only a cautious person.


  57 months ago
I absolutely love Friday the 13th! Such a beautiful, magical day.


  57 months ago
When it comes to superstitions, I tend to air on the side of caution. I pay more attention to things going on every Friday the 13th and I don't do anything that would be extra risky - I am more careful that day; I don't let black cats cross my path; if I spill salt, I throw some over my left shoulder to prevent bad luck; I don't walk under open ladders; I have never broken a mirror and hopefully I never will. Better safe than sorry is what I say!


  57 months ago
I really try not to be superstitious. However I believe that it's all about the mindset. I try to believe that Friday the 13th is a very positive and lucky day. A day where you can attract positive energy by emitting positive thoughts and manifesting a great day. People are bought up to believe that Friday the 13th is bad. It's basically a typical way of putting two and two together and saying, "something bad happened today, because of the date"...I should have postponed my job interview, or I shouldn't have booked a holiday for this date. I truly believe that you can reprogram your mindset, your brain is like a computer. You can try to train it to believe the opposite of what you've been believing. It's a simple choice that we make. We attract the circumstances and experiences in our lives because we choose to believe that this is who we are. You can choose to change this. This is who you were. You can choose to delete your negative superstitious thoughts and beliefs into positive thoughts and beliefs. It's easier said than done, but I believe that nothing is impossible and everything is possible. Happy holloween. I would recommend reading the Secret By Rhonda Byrne and The Attractor Factor by Dr Joe Vitale. You have nothing to lose, but you may gain an abundance of positive change, success and happiness from reading these. Happy Halloween. It's a great day for kids to dress up and use their imaginations for creativity.... and getting lots of candy!
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