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  56 months ago

Weekend Opinion Contest - Friday the 13th

Spook month is here already and we're slowly preparing for the big Howl-o-een!
So this weekend we're doing a Friday the 13th Opinions Contest.

Get your spook on and share with us your opinions, tales, anecdotes on superstitions about this gruesome date- Friday the 13th.

Participating is super easy, post a comment, with your opinion, to this topic and you are guaranteed 500 points, plus, whichever opinion gets the most likes will get an additional 5000 points.


  56 months ago
superstition in the air


  56 months ago
Looks like spook month already is affecting those people who most resemble things that are old. In the past I have witnessed a dark green car with teenagers in it tossing those strings of gummy substance sold for parties at passersby, but not the young males on the sidewalk. The gummy strings that stick in your hair and clothing were aimed at the older women walking on the narrow sidewalk that boarders the shopping mall. The closer people get to the Halloween week, the more younger people attack, annoy, or otherwise distress older female pedestrians on the sidewalk as they pass by next to the heavy traffic or bikes that nearly crash into the pedestrians, especially targeting older women walking alone in the daylight hours.


  56 months ago
Most of the time, bad things happen on this day for me. It could be coincidence, don't know. Let me tell you one incident from my past when I was a teenager and was living with my parents. I remember, a black cat passed by me in the morning. In evening, my parents went out & after few hours, it started raining, thundering, & lightning heavily. Electricity went off at home & I was super hungry & thought to myself, "I should've eaten at time". My cell phone had low battery but didn't have a good range because of the weather. I heard some noises in between and I was super scared and prayed for my parents to come home soon. It was pitch dark.


  56 months ago
I am not superstitious about friends the 13th.


  56 months ago
Friday the 13th, you don't scare me! In fact, I am just the opposite of triskaidekaphobic as13 is one of my luckiest numbers – my favorite in fact – my son was born the 13th of March, making me the luckiest mom ever!
Lo-o-o-ng before I gave birth, when I was in high school, we used to walk through the cemetery late at night. Years later when I worked for the city of San Diego, I had an assignment working at that same cemetery, Mount Hope Cemetery. It felt oddly peaceful there.
My mother was a Halloween baby and I was born three days before that, October 28. I read somewhere that we Scorpios have made peace with death.
Lots of children run all around my apartment every afternoon and evening. I sure hope they come Trick-or-Treating at my apartment this year. Last Halloween one kid came to my door..


  56 months ago
I don't believe there is anything wrong with any Friday the 13th. I believe we make our own luck and that people who believe strongly in the bad luck on Friday the 13th are creating their own occurrences of said bad luck. Whether by over thinking things or reading too much into things I don't know. I had a friend who was so paralyzed by Friday the 13th, that she wouldn't leave her house that day, she wouldn't go to work, drive, anything. To me that's much scarier then Friday the 13th!


  56 months ago
best deal with children


  56 months ago
How older women may be portrayed and treated during the dates of Friday the 13th, especially during October as well as the Halloween costume and mask month. In fact, the entire month of October focuses on what older women don't like, fear, scaring older women, and wearing masks and costumes depicting aging faces, especially aging women's faces associated with the 'dark' side of drama, witches, and mortality.
What a difference in the way older women are portrayed during the autumn Halloween Season as compared to how older men are portrayed in art during the following month's Thanksgiving or various winter holiday themes.
What the faces have in common is to use the exaggerated or sometimes realistic faces of aged women to reduce old age to witch craft or masks instead of wish craft and pleasant tasks. But older male faces usually become smiling Santa Claus images or helpful cheery elves.
One example might be the novel, Her face is a Halloween Mask, novel, 307 pages, e-book at
Friendly versus unfriendly expressions in various holiday art
Too many exaggerated witch masks resemble the faces seen in skilled nursing homes of older women. Maybe the faces should be more like sci fi characters or robot-types, or animals, and not so realistic-looking faces of aging women--even if the features are in caricature or somewhat exaggerated.
You rarely see old men portrayed as warlocks, but as wise old professors, scientists, teachers, sages, or bringing toys as a smiling "grandpa" with his grand kids. You do see male and female images as zombies and vampires. But are holiday themes really meant to cheer rather than scare with images of mortality or faces of advanced age?
Older women are depicted in holiday masks as grotesque, witches, or not friendly. Young women are depicted as angels or fairies. Compare the images of older males to older females in holiday art through the ages. Which faces smile and are upturned?
Males, where the art makes the elves look genuinely busy doing good deeds, whereas many female holiday faces are downturned and not smiling. In some art the smiling woman often has a tipsy or silly look as compared to a friendly and smiling caricature, figurine, or mask where the eyes, cheeks, and mouth are genuinely smiling in the depiction.


  56 months ago
Friday the 13th was a very unpleasant, unlucky day for the Knights Templar, who were brutally murdered by the King of France, Philip the Fair, on October 13, 1307, the historical date that this whole superstition is based upon.. However this date is meaningless to us because on the most part we tend to make our own luck, fortunate or unfortunate! People who have experienced bad luck or other misfortune on this date have just experienced random events which are in reality not connected to this date.


  56 months ago
Friday the 13th was a rough day in our school. More misbehaviors and defiance than usual. At least it appeared that way. It was probably all in our heads.
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