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  13 months ago

What do you think of the campaign "Help a Dane"?

The campaign, Help a Dane aims to tackle the fact that Danes have one of the world’s highest rates of melanoma in the world.

Denmark has 19.2 cases per 100,000 people compared to 14.6 in the UK, 11.4 in Germany and Italy, 10.2 in France and 6.9 in Spain.

The campaign has created five videos in different languages for Denmark's five most popular travel destination which are France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Thailand.

The videos ask locals to look out for Danes who have not taken appropriate measures to avoid sunburn.

What do you think of this campaign?


  13 months ago
It's a good campaign. The melanoma rate in Colorado is 20.7 - even higher than Denmark. We are always reminding people visiting us to increase their level of sunblock and apply it frequently.


  13 months ago
Living in South Florida I have just one statement.....PLEASE protect yourself from the sun no matter who you are or where you live!!!


  13 months ago
When you are fair skin you are at high risk and I believe Danish people are fair skinned. Remind them to seek the shade of sun w/umbrella or wear a hat and sunscreen with a high SPF-30+. But mostly do not get sunburned, which is a sign of skin cancer to come in later life.
I too am surprised that Denmark is #1, I thought it would have been Australia, they came in as #3 and North American's came as #6.


  13 months ago
I think that is an excellent and much needed campaign because of the fact that so many fair skinned peoples who live in predominately Nordic climates are not adequately prepared for summer time UV rays and need to be educated about sunburn protection. They especially need to know about degrees of sun block protection and how often to apply it, especially if they spend any length of time outdoors in the summer temperatures, where they are exposed to dangerous UV rays.


  13 months ago
I am fan of the campaign at all. I think it has the possibility to be highly offensive. I really am tired of some of the "campaigns" created today in society. We do not need these campaigns. Information is everywhere and I think it is time people start being personally responsible for themselves and having everyone think for them and tell them what to do. I do not need or want anyone to tell me if I should or should not wear sunscreen, or a seat belt or anything else that we are told constantly. I am an adult and I make my own choices and decisions. Everyone is constantly being told what to do and people are so silly that it is more a disclaimer anymore on everything so people do not bring frivolous lawsuits; such as warning, "hot drinks maybe hot" - OF COURSE they are HOT. Enough is enough already


  13 months ago
I word easily fit into that photograph. I had so many sunburns growing up. One was extremely bad. It was my own fault, a teenager who knew everything and didn't listen to parents. I believe the campaigns is a wonderful and smart idea. Awareness is so important.

  13 months ago
What a way to reach a target audience in a roundabout way. Having others on the lookout is another way to help prevent skin cancer in a population that needs a bit of caring from those who see them in a different setting than their loved ones. Our loved ones don't always have the impact they intend. Having another human being actually looking out for ones welfare is amazing. I hope it works and they get some follow up data after the campaign.


  13 months ago
Absolutely, people always say that it is not that bad, I have not been in the sun for 30 years and I had a melanoma at the forehead a few years ago!


  13 months ago
not sure


  13 months ago
I think it's a good idea - if it's never been done before they can do follow up research to see if it was effective. Then you try something else. The Danish are way ahead of us, as least as far as harm reduction practices go, we've adopted a lot of our programs around theirs.
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