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  55 months ago


Who else is sick of all hearing all the contradicting evidence on what we should and should not be eating? Every week we hear reports about what's good for us, then the next day something's going to cause cancer or slowly kill us?

What are we supposed to do? I specifically didn't use a pic of the food "pyramid" that dieticians recommend because they all start with a large portion of carbohydrates.
We've all heard that "carbs" are bad, haven't we? Also that the Paleo diet is the natural way from the cavemen's time? We need to eat 30gr fibre daily to prevent bowel cancer (biggest cancer killer). However, Paleo excludes corn and legumes but has nuts.

They and the Atkins diet says fats don't cause fat. I saw a TV vet limit a parrot from sunflower seeds. It got fat from the high oil content. Scientists say that sunflower and vegetable oils cause inflammation in the body. Oil consumption's high in most people's diets. It's hidden in fast food, baked items, condiments, bread and most foods we eat. Some research concluded that inflammation's the main cause of almost every disease, arthritis, cancers, etc.

Then there are low-calorie diets having one chomping on carrot sticks and celery and watery cauliflower leaving one's tummy grumbling and craving for chocolates! They allow the carbs., if 1 oz. will do! Like Weight Watchers points system you're allowed to be "naughty" as long as it's part of your daily allowance. However, when we're restricted one feels we're being denied, so the brain imagines hot chips, pizzas, cakes, and all the no-no's!

Atkins and other diets allow cheese, like Paleo, which also allows butter and cream but no other dairy! I know fit, thin lady who ate frugally, only drank black coffee but collapsed with a heart attack. When asked why she said she was used to N.Zealand's cheese and butter! Yet, now they're telling us to eat butter instead of margarine but Drs give out statins by the lorry load, telling us to eat margarine to lower cholesterol..
Some don't even believe cholesterol causes heart attacks! There's research to say that a high iron intake after menopause and in men, is one of the causes. Also, ultrasounds show some people have high cholesterol and their arteries are clear! It's believed by some that drug companies convinced Drs. statins were to blame, to sell their product!

Then we have oils - avoid all except olive (but it's not good to heat).
Canola oil's been found to cause an eye disease called Macula Degeneration - a form of blindness! If one reads ingredient lists on supermarket products, even bread, they sneak it in!! It's mixed with butter to soften it, but food producers can just put "vegetable oil" on their lists! However, Drs. now recommend we eat "good fats" like avocados.

Another product, palm oil, is in baked supermarkets items, ice creams and cereals, yet it's causing deforestation, loss of orangutang habitat and pollution. It's a saturated fat, hard at room temperature - bad for cholesterol.
The latest fad is coconut oil. Paleo followers believe it's a "good" oil, being different in structure from others. Coconut repeats on me causing nausea, being a saturated fat which turns solid when cold.

However, how do we decide if the calories are bad, or the fat is good and low carbohydrate!?

Then dare we talk about sugar?! It causes our fat cells to reproduce when young, making more fat cells to fatten us up. Eating sugar goes straight into our fat cells causing blood sugar to rise, then dropping lower than before which results in more sugar and food cravings! Some use honey but scientists say the body can't tell the difference between sugar, honey, lactose, malt, etc.

When reading ingredient labels on biscuits, canned or boxed food, you'll find a long list of sugar derivatives from an amazing array of food groups; disguised in-between the artificial ingredients and code nos.!

Professionals treating diseases like diabetes suggest low-fat food and artificial sweeteners, sugar-free drinks etc. However, some scold us saying they're poison and cause us to put on weight! (One study fed rats the equivalent of 6kgs of artificial sweetener to prove it's being cancerous).
Dr Oz, the USA heart surgeon, recommends we eat dark chocolate daily! ( However, we're meant to eat high cacao for anti-oxidants, and only a cple oz. at a time.
They've found that high nut content in chocolate, assists fat and sugar being removed in the bowel with the roughage so there's some good with the bad, lol :)

Super foods and anti-oxidants are now meant to be amazing, however, the words "super-foods" were invented by the food industry to make us buy pre-packaged foods! A humble carrot's a super food and so is an apple. Vitamin A, C, D, E, Zinc are anti-oxidants found in fruit, orange and green vegetables, chicken and meat. Blueberries are expensive pre-packaged, but the main ingredient is magnesium found in vitamins and other foods we eat.
They're putting goji, acai, blueberries etc into muesli bars, cereals, etc. - being "super foods" the prices skyrocket!

Protein, as in the Atkins and Paleo diets have a high satiety value, assist us losing weight because it takes longer to digest and keep us feeling full longer. However, high protein diets can cause ketosis which is dangerous, with fluid loss as well having side effects on the kidneys. High meat diets also supposedly cause bowel cancer, especially BBQ's. (another study!) Salads and watery vegetables are allowed, but there goes all the "treats" like roast potatoes, pizzas and anything sweet's the enemy! Who can give up their morning toast or cereal forever more?

No wonder people lose lots of weight on these diets but it goes back on when they eat normally! Grains and especially legumes like beans or lentils are essential for our 30grams of fibre a day!
We need 8 cups of fluid for regularity and with protein being a diuretic, stomach problems occur. (Specialists recommend a tsp psyllium husk/soluble fibre, or Metamucil, in water twice a day, to correct constipation. It's also recommended to reduce cholesterol (and very filling, so benefits weight loss if taken before meals.)

We're told to eat oats for medical conditions, but most like to add sugar, honey etc.. A high fibre, low sugar cereal may be more beneficial with berries and low fat/sugar yoghourt.(Freedom Foods make a crunchy, whole Rice Flakes cereal, sweetened with apple plus psyllium husks. Great with almond milk, cinnamon and berries).

They also tell us to eat more fish, but the seas are being fished out of salmon, shark, tuna etc with fish farms using 10-1 sea-based foods to feed the fish, it's not an answer! We can get canned sardines in tomato sauce or fresh ones, being more sustainable. Bought fish and chips are a weight watcher's nightmare and not many like steamed fish.

They say eat everything in moderation, however, what do we actually choose? Everything seems to have a positive or negative connotation to it! My weight yo-yo's and I've tried every way of eating under the sun! I don't use diets anymore as they don't work, but cutting out things like carbs or sugars just makes one crave for them more.

They also say eat a "balanced" diet.. but who has a private chef to work out a specific menu; or the energy or expertise to get the exact ingredients? Who can stop themselves from eating too much of one thing and how are we supposed to include all the various foods that are good for us in one day or week?

We're supposedly meant to eat cooked tomatoes, garlic, an egg, olives etc. daily, but who hasa balanced recipes or the inclination to scientifically work out their diet and cook it all?

Like me, I bet you just want to enjoy your food, have what you like, try not to overeat, including what's good for you, not so? I tend to prefer certain foods for a while, then crave others which I'm sure my body's lacking, then go off them again...

The human brain's 60% fat and the hardest working muscle, so we need some fat, but I don't have a dietician with all the scientific recommendations at hand!

Right-oh, off to have some basil/cheese dip and wholemeal rice crackers - three food groups, fibre, lol :) - I'll wake up late and crave toast and peanut butter for breakfast but try not to feel guilty!

Enjoy your food, whatever you choose to eat.! Write and tell me what YOU think's the right way of eating? (p.s. I have health issues - can't eat fibre or most vegetables! (no large bowel).


  55 months ago
Everything in moderation is key.


  55 months ago
I am not sure, only that you could eat small meals several times a day.


  55 months ago
I've learned over time that ones body may put on weight not only due to food intake but outside factors and whats going on in ones life. The key is to moderate all fatty, fried food and to know and think what goes into ones mouth and body. Some physical exercise if one can manage too.


  55 months ago
I tried every diet known to man and failed, then I just stopped eating bread and sweets and I slowly lost 55lbs. it took me a year to get it off and I have kept it off for a little over a year now. I still get plenty of carbs and sugar from fruit but it is natural not processed.


  55 months ago
Moderation...if I have rich meals on weekend. We do meat and half plate with vegetables for the week. I have sweets on moderation. I don't care about all the diets out there


  55 months ago
jamba juice has the basics for diet


  55 months ago
Everything in moderation for me. I do have my cheat days but also do eat healthily as well.


  55 months ago
i try eat healthy less junk food


  55 months ago
Eat in moderation. Need my ice cream and dark chocolate every once in a while.


  55 months ago
I believe the Mediterranean diet is the most healthy diet of all. It's basically the diet of biblical times. I don't do a good job of following it but it is not only healthy but tastes great, too!

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