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  74 months ago

April Storytelling

There once was a.......

Finish the story with a
The ending

Post your story by April 21stand receive a 500 point rank-up bonus for joining in!*

But wait, there’s more! We don’t want to hog all the action, so, we’re inviting you to create your own story too.

Create your own topic between April 1st through 21st, with the title “My April Story”**.
In the body of your topic say – “Keep the story going!” And post the first line of your tale.
Then, get your friends and the community to join in with the next sentence. You’ll earn a 1,000 point bonus for participating, and the member with the longest story will win an additional 15,000 points!
If you’re ready to help us tell a tale, click here to visit the TolunaTeam topic and get started. Then, get ready to build your own story!

Good luck and have fun!

The Toluna Team

Promotion Rules: Open to US and Canada only. Posts must not contain any language or image that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above. Violation of these rules, and/or the Toluna Member Code of Conductmay result in the closure of your Toluna account.

*TolunaTeam – April Storytelling: Limit one opinion per member on the TolunaTeam topic. Members will earn a 500 point rank-up bonus for their submission to the April Storytelling topic. Post one sentence between April 1h and 21st.


  74 months ago
There once was a dragon who lived in a town in Germany. His birthday was the next day on April 25th but he had no one to celebrate with because everyone in the town was afraid of him because they thought he was a terrifying beast that ate children. He was so sadthat he cried alone in his cave, wishing that someone would see that he wasn't that scary and all that he ate was gems and gold. However, that very night a knight entered his cave,sent by the village to slay the dragon in order to prove he was worthy of becoming king. He was shaking in fear but soon found the dragon to be friendly and harmles. The knight told the rest of the town how kind the dragon was, and together they all went to his cave and threw a huge party for him. The dragon was so happy because he findally had a birthday party like he had always wanted. From then on, the dragon became a beloved memeber of the town, and they all lived happily ever after.


  74 months ago
There once was a baby girl born in 1957 and she had the most beautiful blue eyes that sparkled all the time. She was loved by God her Perfect Father because He created her to be in a relationship with Him. When she was 12 years old she asked Jesus Christ to forgive all her past sins and come into her heart to be her Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit entered her heart and she has never been the same. She is looking forward to the day when she will close her eyes that don't sparkle very much now and breathe her last breath on Earth and then open her radiant sparkling blue eyes in Heaven and see Jesus face-to-face to thank Him for dying for her on the cross. This is the happiest ending there has ever been or ever will be. Thank you Jesus!!! I love you so much and I am truly blessed!!!


  74 months ago
There once was a fish who dreamed of the sea. He had been in a fish tank since last April when he was adopted at the pet store downtown. One day, he was brought to the beach and swam to the ocean where he could swim free for as far as the eye can see.


  74 months ago
(There once was a ) young man with athletic gifts and the body to make use of such gifts. In school, he played basketball, soccer, baseball and jumped high and far on the track team. He participated in these activities for his own amusement, as well as to be part of a team. The young man matured, served in the military, got a job at the post office and continued his athletic participation by playing softball with his co-workers once a week. After retirement, the not-so-young man realized his body could no longer withstand active team sports, so he turned to the world of computerized fantasy sports leagues. The mind is willing, but the flesh is weak, so the old man strategizes and does daily research to compete against other keyboard managers.


  74 months ago
A long time ago a woman left home to find a career in New York City. She was sure she would be a success and that the people at home would be proud of her. You see, back in her small town they all thought she was nothing special but she would show them. In time she did become a big success and had money, people to take care of her every whim and lots of people flocking around her. What she found out was back home people were proud of her. They always thought she was special. She just did not see it. When she went home she found true happiness.


  74 months ago
There once was a dog named Cinnamon who was born on February 19th. His owners were moving far away and had to give him up. We saw him advertised in the newspaper and drove to pick him up. Later that day we saw in his papers that the day we adopted him was his Birthday. From that day on he was the family baby and we all lived happily ever after.


  74 months ago
There once was a dog named Starzak. He was very curious and also had a strong bond with the family that adopted him.
While on a vacation with his owners he wondered off. The family was caught up in so much excitement, they forgot all about Starzak. They back tracked and asked everyone if anyone had seen him, but Starzak was gone.
When they got home they missed him dearly. All alone Starzak looked to the skies. One night he thought I will be patient and determined and I will find my own way home.
Many days and nights passed. Along the way people were kind to Starzak and gave him some food and water, He rested but kept on going. Though it took weeks his persistence paid off and one day he scratched at the door of his owners, they opened the door and much to their surprise there was the families companion.
Upon the reunion everyone was happy and thankful. Starzak's owners had a new collar made with an information tag. They put it on him so this would never happen again. Starzak showed that thru persistence and determination one can conquer difficulties in life that happen to all.


  74 months ago
There once was a girl who simply wanted some points from a survey website. These points were so tempting that she could not help herself and had to craft a story. This story would help her enter the April storytelling contest, after which she would be met with a reward. These points, you see, would be traded for an Amazon gift card so that she could buy herself a video game for her 3DS, which she would use to wind down after the stressful semester came to a close. She was so desperate that she decided to write a story about herself. She thought about everything that she wanted and everything she felt and began to weave together her story with the threads of her own life. Soon it became easy and the words flowed from her fingertips and danced to the tapping of the keys. She couldn't believe how simple it was to pursue 500 points. But soon she ran out of things to talk about and her story had to come to a close. She typed the last few words and sent her brainchild on its way, dreaming of the rewards she would later reap. If all else failed, she could always try to earn points in another challenge. Maybe next month, in May.


  74 months ago
There was once a dreamer writer who wrote an incredible story that began:
April, the month of spring, fields and gardens are filled with flowers and everyone feels happy because nature smiles .. However, Betty was very distraught because the problems afflicting her soul ...
The life of this girl who was barely 16 years until the time was filled with sadness, for being very shy, did not have many friends he could trust their dreams and secrets.
On a warm April afternoon, Betty walked across the meadow, there was in the air a wonderful scent of roses, jasmine, landscape watching was beautiful and although she was alone, his heart was filled with joy, a feeling he did not know explain, they came to mind beautiful memories of stories his grandmother told him. But she liked in particular the starfish, which spoke of an impossible love, those who do not exist and that only read about in storybooks.
Sitting on the grass at the foot of a hill tree his eyes, took in his hands a small flower and his mind traveled at that beautiful story ...
Though they lived far from each other and could only look, they sought a way to meet.
Many years passed, she in heaven and he at sea.
There was a terrible storm and bit disappeared. We only know that after long time in the place where stood the small grain of sand, a starfish appeared "
Betty was so happy, he decided to go in search of their happiness, he realized that however difficult they may be things, there is always hope, a path, a goal and dreams come true. We must let the sadness aside to give way to joy as well as winter gives way to spring ...


  74 months ago
There once was a great country to live in, back in 1998, everyone was happy but they didn't knew how to bring help to the poor. So the President said: Let's help them out of poverty, but they won't become rich because being rich is so bad. So the people got used to being helped and supported by their government and then they stopped working at all. Because of that, everybody is poor and the President and everyone who works for government are rich.
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