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  52 months ago

TolunaTest: Maybelline Bronzing Powder

To help inspire you in your opinions and comments on the products here are some questions:

• What did you most like/dislike about the product?

• What do you think about the general quality of the product?

• Could you suggest possible improvements to the product?

• Would you buy the product?

• Would you recommend it to others?

• Please score it between 1 and 10.


  51 months ago
I use a lot of Maybelline products so know they generally produce good quality make up however do not currently use a bronzer.
I liked the packaging nothing offensive about it. The powder felt nice on my skin however I have to agree with other reviews that the colour was too dark and so I couldn't wear it again. Overall i'd give it a 7/10.


  52 months ago
I really liked the effect on my skin that I achieved using this product. I'd never used anything even remotely like this so it was great to be able to try it out for the first time.
I was impressed with the light sun kissed look it gave me and my skin looked glowing. I thought the product was very good quality and lasted throughout the day with only a light further application in the early evening to see me through an evening out.
I thought the packaging was particularly attractive with the leaves effect and the colours were great. I liked the way the container opened and found it stayed closed in my bag during the day which is really important as previous make up items have sometimes managed to empty themselves all over the inside of my bag!
I'd thoroughly recommend this product, and in fact my daughter's considering buying it as she likes Maybelline products but hadn't seen this before. It's helped us keep our summer glow for just that little bit longer. 8/10


  52 months ago
I Like the product the only thing is its a little dark other than that its a good product and good quality it dose not need to be improved because its made from maybelline whice is a good brand.yes I would by it but maybe a litter colour.I would recommend it to others because it a good product.i rate it 9out off10.


  52 months ago
I liked the appearance of the product and the pressed powder design is always easy to use. The consistency was just right, it blended well and without too much effort although the colour was far too dark for me so I had to be careful not to use too much. Even bronzers benefit from having a choice of shades as, although I like adding some colour to my complexion, I don't want it to look fake! I actually prefer it without any application tools as I tend to use a very large brush for bronzer so wouldn't want to feel that I was paying more for a supplied small brush/sponge/pad that I wouldn't use. If this product was priced in a similar vein to the rest of the Maybelline range then I would definitely purchase.


  52 months ago
I thought this product was very good and very easy to apply but I have extremely pale skin and so the colour was just too dark for me. The quality of this product like all Maybelline products was very good. Improvements that would make this product better would be selling it in a range of different shades to suit lighter and darker skin tones. I would give this product 9/10.


  52 months ago
I liked the most about this product is the ease of application. However, when applying I only had to put a thin layer on because it is very dark in colour. The quality of this product is exceptional, I think it will last a long time and it didn't break when it was dropped. Some possible improvements for this product is having various options on the market for different skin tones and including a brush with it. I would purchase this product if I saw it on sale for the right price because I don't really wear makeup often and this is the first time of trying bronzer. I would score this product a 8/10

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