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  59 months ago
the power mongers ie: bildeberger group, tri-lateral commision @ council for foreign relations virtually own all the worlds currency...therefor most world leaders are puppets doing the will of special interest the bureaucracy is currently ruling the world with peripheral distraction which they understand... keeps the majority of the populace occupied with such things as: what celebrity got married, divorced, pregnant etc...what sport team did what etc etc...making it possible for them to further the effort to have a one world government, currency etc, while providing arms and profiting off of one armed conflict after another which is a tool they utilize for personal gains and population control. the "mainstream media" is used as a propaganda mechanism which has proven to be quite successful in distraction and mind manipulation which our government here in the USA who bow down to the corrupt manipulation for monetary gains provided by the bureaucracy...make corrupt decisions which are used as means whereby make it "seemingly" appear... it's somehow justified to supersede other nations sovereignty with such inane banners ie: a war on drugs which cannot ever be won...a war on terrorism which can never be won...especially when the USA committed the single most heinous act of terrorism ever unleashed upon humanity when the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and as it is clearly documented...the USA also smuggled drugs into its own that is clearly hypocrisy. the way American government operates today is allowing the country to be a police state...more people are imprisoned in the USA than are locked up in any other nation!!! the paradigm of "crime @ punishment" has been used by our government to the extent that it makes it more difficult for people to obtain decent jobs and salaries. which it doesn't take a blind person to see is clearly a means of control. the best thing the USA could have done after the "9-11" incidents would to have simply rebuilt the towers and used our elite technologies to get the ones responsible...however, the government used the media to force feed "FEAR" and ultimately used the 9/11 fiasco to take the focus off the "Bush" Florida election issues which congress never did investigate and ultimately was successful in causing fear and panic in society. this also led to a changing in our personal rights and freedoms. ultimately. this led to a backwards scenario...the government is always supposed to be in fear of the voting citizenry... however, our government somehow, managed to make the people afraid of the government who is supposed to under "normal circumstance" be fearful of the people and protect under oath....the rights of the people who elected them to office...not to allow themselves to be on the payroll of the bildeberger group, CFR, and tri-lateral commision and use thier powers to make those organizations able to promote and further their quest for control...making slaves of the people... and they will not be content until their is a very clear distinction between the haves... and those that never will be able to have!!! more people need to become aware of the public information available... i will give you a link that will open any readers eyes to the corruption that is quickly becoming the USA's governments way of selling out and giving away our liberties. it's time to wake up people!!! you can start by checking out the information given by alex jones... look at for starters...if you are not familiar with the information i have shared here with you prepared for some jaw dropping eye opening stuff...pretty soon we will not have liberties if evberyone does not wake up and smell the coffee...we will not have time to enjoy smelling and savoring the roses..PeAcE


  59 months ago
I think that everyone should be afforded the right to free speech even if it is rightest propaganda. Portraying only one opinion is wrong and you do have the right to change your channel on your TV set to a news station more to your liking. No one is stopping you from doing that.


  59 months ago
Ask the same question about MSNBC; where all the employees seem to be very over medicated. Very short on facts and very tall on opinion.


  59 months ago
I'm in agreement with edward.mack8425: Whichever MSM network one views, either offline or online, is USCorporatocracyA kontrolled, so anything opined on MSNBC, Fox, CNN, Bloomberg, erstwhile Weather Channel, et al need to be taken with 4,000 lbs of salt. Since the early Cold War 1950's, approximately 50% of all "journalists" were either willingly, or unwillingly (coerced) into undergoing training in say, the CIA"s Camp Perry, VA ("The Farm") training center, to learn "Spycraft" covert operations (HUMINT, per ejample), being "sheep-dipped." After completion, they were either assigned to domestic network duties, in which case they would spout the company (CIA) line of propaganda, or assigned overseas where they would continue using their journalistic background as cover for SPOOK activities.


  59 months ago
And MSNBC isn't propaganda? Get real. There are opinion shows on both networks. There's no law against it, although the leftists, socialists are trying to get any dissent squelched and reporters silenced and definitely monitored. Or didn't you hear about the NSA spying, IRS illegal harassment, etc.? Typical low information person. Hope you don't vote.

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