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  60 months ago

Complaint about my expiration points.

Last May, I found out that I was going to lose my points (2431points) on the 28th, even though I was closed to ask for a $20 check,
but then Toluna made some changing and you now need 75000 points for a $25 check. So I redeemed my points on gifties (that never became real of course) and Samsung (never believed on Santa!). But now, I found out few days ago that I'm going to lose 7231 points on June 28th. Seriously Toluna??!!! Are you serious!!! So then, let me tell you something. By now, I have 63410 points and, read carefully Team Toluna: thirteen (13) incentives pending, the oldest one is from January 21st. So, to be fair and honest Team Toluna, give me ALL my points before June 28th in order to redeemed them. I will reach the 75000 points and more if you give me ALL my points I got from January 21st. There is no way I'm going to lose my points again. If it so easy for you to have this expiration points rules, you must also have rules to allow your members to get their points as soon as possible. Thank you.


  60 months ago
Hi justelle,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for our delayed response. We understand how important these matters are, so before we go forward let us explain briefly the expiration of points.
Like many rewards systems based on points our system has an expiration date after one year. This encourages users to earn points and once they have reached the threshold to exchange their points for a reward.
Now, as you have seen, we have raised the threshold for checks to 75,000 points for $25, however we now offer PayPal at the same threshold as checks were before - 60,000 points for $20.
Regarding your particular issue we will be contacting you via email to better understand your case. We thank you for being a loyal Toluna member!


  60 months ago
Yep,it is happening to me also! I could have cashed out,if they would stop taking my points away every month. I have had between 3,000 to 6,000 points taken every month for a good 10 months now.


  60 months ago
That sucks!


  60 months ago
toluna is out of their mind, they take forever to credit completed surveys if they ever credit them at all, this site has turned in to quite a disappointment compared to 2-3 years ago


  60 months ago
I agree. Since this new team has taken over, Toluna has gone down hill. In the time it takes me to earn $20 on this site. I can earn $100 on another, doing the same number of surveys.


  60 months ago
I've never had points expire either, and have been member for three years and have cashed out for over 1,000.


  60 months ago
I guess you don't take enough surveys. I've never had a single point expire. And I've made over $800 here. Why don't you open a PayPal account and cash out your 60,000 points?

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