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59 months ago

How do you all feel about bullying and cyber bullying?

When I was a teenager I was bullied by girls and made to feel like less of a person than I really was because they were so insecure with themselves. I used to come home crying everyday because of this. It breaks my heart to know that this is still going on and has become a bigger problem because of social networking. My father would always say that the reason people say mean things is because they are not happy with themselves. You NEVER forget these things and the people even as an adult I remember the calls and mean things people said to me, but I also remember that I have a parent that is my hero. That is my father and he is one of the strongest people I know. One time this girl was saying some of the meanest things to me on AIM. When my father walked past this conversation he asked me what was going on and asked me to move, I said no Dad its fine (ass most teenagers would). He then told me to move out of the way. (parent stepping in) He told the girl that he was printing the conversation and said he was bringing the conversation to the police and they would deal with her, he said other things I just don't recall exactly what. If it wasn't for my father stepping in when I was being bullied it would have continued. I am now 26 years old and I don't think I would have survived this long in my life if it was not for my fathers parenting. Any parent's reading this, if you have children you should monitor their social networking and if you think for 1 second your child is being bullied, do something about it, and if you think your child is doing the bullying, educate them on the devastating affect it has on other people. This subject enrages me. There are very few things that actually piss me off beyond belief and this is one of them. "kids will be kids" no, it does not matter about everyone going through it and you have been there. STOP making excuses for kids to harass, ridicule and damage other kids. There is no control over this anymore because there are to many ways for someone to hurt someone else. Social networking is the best outlet for someone to absolutely destroy someone else. PARENTS need to step in and take control.


  59 months ago

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