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59 months ago

How To Make Money From Home

Making Money From Home

There are a lot of ways to make money from home which is perfect whether you’re a stay at home mom, student, currently unemployed or just need some extra cash. Everyone could use some extra cash, especially in this economy. Sure, you probably think that all of the make money fast things you here online or on TV are scams. However, many aren’t.

There are some actual sites out there where you can make money online from the privacy of your own home. Believe it or not you can make quite a bit of extra income if you find the right one. Many places give you sites where they expect you to pay for a product; those are the sites to stay away from. Why should you have to pay to make money? Remember, you’re trying to earn money from home for you.

The first thing to do is to think about what you like to do and think about how you can earn money doing that particular thing. If you like administrative work, try to find at home data entry positions. There are some out there if you know where to look. If you’re interested in receiving a free newsletter by mail with daily home based jobs visit From here, you’ll receive a daily newsletter filled with jobs from data entry to freelance writing.

If you like freelance writing jobs, I recommend At you pick and choose your writing assignments at your leisure. Plus you get paid regularly. You don’t have to wait for views of your work to get paid like many of these other companies. It’s not based on that.

Learning how to make money from home isn’t that hard. You just need to weed out the good offers from the bad. Now that may take some time, but it’s worth it in the end when you actually do find the right one and begin making that extra cash. Plus, the great thing about working from home is you get to pick your own hours. If you choose the right offer, many places offer anywhere from $50-$500/week, maybe more. This of course involves marketing part or full time.

Another place I can tell you on how to make money online is to check your local craigslist. Look under gigs or sales jobs. Check for marketing opportunities. After you’ve found the right job for you, do some research to make sure that company is legitimate, then apply for the job. Another thing to think about is sending a in a headshot to let the company know who is representing them.

When and if you do get a response, make sure you sound upbeat and professional. Companies want someone who is friendly and outgoing. Make sure you speak clear and smile when you talk. They may not be able to see you if it is a phone interview, but believe me, it does make a difference.

Make sure that when you do fill out the application that you get it back on time. Be responsible and fill out your W-9. Many companies will give a W-9 because you are an independent affiliate of that company. However, some do give out a W4 if you end up working for them. If you don’t get to choose your hours for your home-based position, make sure you are on time every day. Remember, this is a job and you need to be on time, don’t take long lunches or end your day early. If you do your home-base job well, the possibilities are endless.

Another thing to think about too is that many of the businesses in your area that were normally run from a real building, are now going home-based. Travel agencies like Royal Caribbean have programs where many employees can now work at home. Online travel agencies let you work from home as well. For example, you can become an Independent Affiliate of America’s Vacation Center/Avoya Travel and sell cruises and land tours from your home and make quite a bit of money. It’s a commission based job, but it’s fun, plus you get discounts on travel for you and your family.

It’s not hard to make money from home. You do have to have more will power though. My wife and I both work at home. We are both writers on and I am affiliated with America’s Vacation Center/Avoya Travel. If you do it long enough you get used to it, but it’s very easy to stay in you P.J’s and get too comfortable to the point where you don’t feel like working, which is why I suggest getting up every morning, getting dressed like you’re going to work. This will motivate you to do your job and do it well even though it’s at home.


  59 months ago
Making Money from home is a great idea. The problem lies in finding legitimate sources that are not just out to fraudently get your money. I have tried a couple of them, both were bogus and frauds. Thhey always sound wonderful, but, in reality, they are not all they are cracked up to be. If there were a site that rates them, I would be the first to sign up for information on the legitimace of them and the real statistics.


  59 months ago
Sounds very interesting and inviting. I have the impression that you are a self-confident man. And perhaps are better educated than I am. Thus, I wonder if your ideas will work for me, as, at present, I am not the most confident guy in the world and have a mediocre education. I could muster more self-control, as you mention towards the end...but will that be enough to succeed?


  59 months ago
I have found the best way to make money from home is survey groups like Toluna. I also am a freelance writer and have written a column for my local newspaper about organizations in my community that help local citizens and how the local citizens can help the organization. I was expanding my column to include national organizations that help people, too. I have friends that have garage sales all year round and also bring their items to consignment shops. I hope this helps answer your question. Have a great day! God bless you!

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