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  76 months ago

Why Do You Feel Students Should Have to Maintain a High GPA for Student Loans?

I feel that since student loans have to be paid back unlike grants I think that students should not have to maintain a high GPA in order to qualify for student loans after I consider that students are required to pay back the money from a loan unlike the money that they receive in a grant. So why should they have to maintain a high GPA for loan eligibility is my wonder. The one thing that I have learned in my years of tax preparation is that one of the things that you cannot escape the repayment of is student loans. The federal government can garnish wages, put a lien on your business, home, and/or car.
A grant on the other hand is money that is given to you it does not have to be paid back, and since it is not a whole lot of that money to go around I can understand why a there is a GPA requirement.


  76 months ago
Someone who is responsible enough to earn good grades is most likely going to be more responsible in paying off their student loans. It will take much less expense to collect loans from someone who is a responsible person than have to go to the trouble of garnishing wages or going after personal property. And the federal government doesn't always go after people - some of them slip through the cracks. I was once involved in a conversation with someone whom I had just met who bragged that she had been out of school for over ten years and had never paid back a penny in student loans. Having a daughter in college who has a couple of small student loans, those comments made me see red!


  76 months ago
If I was the bank, I would require a certain grade point average as well as a plan of study, that will result in a marketable degree. Otherwise how do I know I will get my money back?

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