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  75 months ago

Android Phone, Please, How do you turn off "AUTO CORRECT", while texting on an android phone?

So since I got the new phone I have discovered how great texting is. However, This "DAMN AUTO CORRECT" thing, is driving me nutz! How do I get it from not doing this? But since I'm so frustrated I typed into google "damn auto correct" and found the funniest website I have ever seen! "DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT" It's nice to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. If you need a laugh for today, it's pretty funny. But anyways, how do I turn it off? Can I turn it off? Stupid damn auto correct!


  75 months ago
Since I do not have this type of phone, I do not have a clue about how to turn off Auto Correct. Sorry.


  75 months ago
When you go into your text message, there should be a button for options in the options section you should see where you can turn the auto corrector off! I love it at most times but when i need to do shortcut texts its the worse thing they could invent! :)


  75 months ago
I'm afraid I don't know. Did you try calling the customer service number from another phone? I wishn you good luck!

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