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  76 months ago

What would have happened if Jesus had NOT been crucified?

I believe that if He had not been crucified he would have been marginalized eventually and mostly forgotten in the sands of time, or become a phenomena that wouldn't be approachable.


  76 months ago
Well scripture says that this is the reason for him to be born to save us all from our sins by shedding his blood on the cross. No chance of it not happening


  76 months ago
This was why Christ was born to be crucified and died. It was necessary for him to die for our sins or he would not have been born. He did all of this for us and so few do anything for him. On the last day when God opens the book of life you can tell him he does not exsist or why Christ was born and crucified. I bet he would love to hear that, unfortunately, he already knows what you are going to say before you say it. It does not matter weather you believe in the Bible or not. I want to stand at his right hand, not the left.


  76 months ago
I think he would still have been remembered just as we remember Socrates, Aristotle, and many other philosophers for the words they left us. He formed a group of followers just as those philosophers did and I think the Bible would still have been written but perhaps would not have had some of the conflicting stories in it when people tried to decipher past writings that eventually became the Bible, because he would have lived longer to supervise more closely what was written. There probably also would have been much more written so perhaps he would have become even more of a force in religion as he continued to have followers. An idea does not end with its creator many times so we still have the words of everyone from the original philosophers to later writers such as Samual Clemens or O'Henry.


  76 months ago
He could not live beyond her 33 years, the prophecies had announced his death and how this would happen! Donations he knew what would be dying and he had accepted it! The proof is when he told his followers to sheathe their swords, that "this" was bound to happen.
Il ne pouvait pas vivre au delà de ses 33 ans, les prophéties avaient annoncé sa mort et la façon dont ça arriverait ! Dons il savait quel serait se fin de vie et il l'avait accepté ! La preuve en est quand il a dit à ses disciples de rengainer leurs épées, que " ceci " devait arriver.


  76 months ago
he would have been just another royal pretender/ would be rebel and forgotten like the rest. it is being crucified and resurrected that made christianity

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