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28 months ago

What do you find more exhausting..Holiday shopping or Holiday cooking?

Between the running around for gifts and wrapping paper and holiday cards and the groceries and the cooking and cleaning of the house....Wow it's hard work! What part do you find personally more exhausting? Cooking or shopping for the holiday season?


  26 months ago
I think it would be shopping. I can not stand shopping around the holidays! I find it exhausting dealing with all the rude and inconsiderate people around the holidays! I know it is only February, but I have already bought a gift for next Christmas so I do not have to deal with people around the next holiday season.


  27 months ago
I did all my shopping online this year and visited relatives so I didn't have to cook either but in past years, I find shopping at holiday time to be more stressful for me.


  28 months ago
I would say dealing with the maniacs while shopping more stressful than cooking at home.Cooking is way more relaxing than dealing with the public.


  28 months ago
I find shopping more hectic than cooking since I do not do much if any holiday coking.


  28 months ago
No contest on this one: cooking is what I find to be more exhausting! I love the hustle and bustle of the malls around Christmas time -- if anything it gives me more energy and I don't find it exhausting at all. Cooking on the other hand takes fooorrreeevvverrr it seems so I would have to say that it exhausts me the most. I made a dessert for a get-together the other day and it took me 4 hours (9 layers)... delicious but questionable whether it was really worth my time!


  28 months ago
Definitely the shopping. There's such an air of desperation about the throngs of people. By contrast, I find the cooking relaxing. I just bought another 6kg of flour today :)

Sandy Trevor

  28 months ago
Dear dovetime:
Just as your intro alludes to, it is all "exhausting" and hard work! Phew!
Well, I can't really say that one Christmas activity is more exhausing than the other, so I can't choose, but I would have to say that this year, finally, I have whittled away at the exhaustion part.
I have pared down the shopping, the baking, the gift giving and the cleaning of the house by modifying all those activities that I have exhaustively done in the past. Mostly, I have delegated certain activities that I can pass on to others for them to do instead of "me" doing everything. For instance, my husband did all the Christmas present shopping this year and I am not baking.
I think that I am absolutely going to enjoy the holidays more this time around and will pare down activities even more next year since this year has been such a success.
Christmas Eve Mass is clearly on my agenda, and I am going to give thanks for all that I have and for the good health we all enjoy. In fact those are the best Christmas related items we could give to ourselves, if we could stop the "frenzy" long enough to realize.
Happy Holidays!

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