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52 months ago

Toluna Test: New toothpaste from Signal : Xperience

To help inspire you in your opinions and comments on the products here are some questions:

• Were you one of the Toluna testers?

• What did you most like/dislike about the product?

• What do you think about the general quality of the product?

• Could you suggest possible improvements to the product?

• Would you buy the product?

• Would you recommend it to others?

• Can you give a score between 1 and 10?

  48 months ago
Really like the feel of Signal Xprerience! Would buy this product. Nothing I dislicke. The texture was good, made my teeth feel good. The whitening works at a slow process, so I need to use it longer to judge the whitening aspects. I give this product a 9.


  48 months ago
Was nervous at first to try it because I could not read the packaging. However, now that I have tried it, I find out to be refreshing and somewhat bold in flavor. Leaves my mouth feeling fresh for hours an my teeth actually feel clean. I would purchase this product. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give a 9.


  48 months ago
When I received this product to test, I was kind of nervous at first to try it.But, I was pleasantly surprised. It had a very refreshing flavor and it made my mouth feel very clean. I thought the packaging was good. It was easy to squeeze out. I would be curious to know if it was good for tarter and gingivitis. I would recommend this to my friends that don't like the traditional mint and cinnamon toothpastes currently on the market and i would purchase it again myself. On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this product a 7. I would rate it higher if I knew it had the tarter and gingivitis fighting properties.


  48 months ago
it had a pleasant taste, and my mouth felt so clean. I've never had a toothpaste give such a deep down clean feeling. the look and feel of the tube was so nice. it fit in my hand and was easy to manipulate. it didn't take much strength to get the paste out of the tube. i liked this very much and would buy it in a heartbeat.i would also recommend this to everyone. i am still amazed at the deep down clean it does, im a 2 pack a day smoker and it cleaned so well people didn't even know i just had a smoke b4 i brushed ... now that's some hella clean right there


  48 months ago
According to one tester since this product comes from France I would be very interested in trying toothpaste from another country so I could compare and contrast the differences. The tube packaging is a very dramatic blue which I would notice on a shelf.


  48 months ago
I just received the product today and have not tried it yet. Just wanted to comment that the product came from France to the USA and all the labeling is in French. The enclosed insert was flagged is several languages by the country's flag; none of the flags was for the USA. This is the first product I have received from the Toluna Test Area. Since they knew where to mail the product - USA - I'm surprised I got a foreign version!


  48 months ago
the packaging is good attractive but it should have secondary packaging to become more attractive. i will buy the product and recommend on it to others to try. the company should have TV commercial to reach the massive customers.


  48 months ago
I was not one of the testers. However at todays market looks is a good start
I like the color and shape of the tube


  48 months ago
This product looks like it could be glue or something no i would not buy it or recomend it


  49 months ago
Looking at this item i have to be honest i would not buy this i have never heard of it its not in anyb of the stores i shop in,and it just looks cheap enough to be located at the dollar store.theres not even any of the ingredients or nothing to compare to in the opic would i recommend to anyone no would i buy this no my overall rating is a 1.

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