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53 months ago

Did you know that brewer's yeast will keep fleas off your pet?

I feed my dog brewer's yeast, which she loves, and she never gets fleas. Fleas don't like brewers yeast. I learned this trick from another dog owner many years ago and it works. It also works on cats. Plus, it's good for them! It's an excellent source of protein and vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins. The vitamins and minerals in brewer's yeast reduce dryness and improve overall skin health for a soft, glossy coat. Brewer's yeast can also improve resistance to parasites and infections. A diet rich in brewer's yeast neutralizes your dog's urine. This helps to eliminate urine spots in your lawn. Stop poisoning your pets with chemical flea treatments!

By the way, brewer's yeast is lauded as a natural remedy for fleas for dogs and cats because fleas loathe thiamine, which is found in ample amounts in brewer's yeast. Thiamine is part of the B complex vitamins. When you feed brewer's yeast to your pet, he or she absorbs the thiamine and exudes it through the skin; it can even be found in its blood. The taste and smell of it repels fleas.

And, don't go for the high priced gimmicky crap that says it's special brewer's yeast for dogs or cats. That's just the pet industry trying to make more money by ripping off consumers. Just buy brewer's yeast tablets or powder that are made for humans. It's much cheaper! And most dogs and cats love them. If your dog doesn't, mix some in his/her food. I buy brewers yeast powder and put it in my dogs food, which I make myself. She loves it. When I had cats, they loved chomping down on a brewer's yeast tablet. They thought of it as a treat. So, what are your feelings about this? Will you try it?


  47 months ago
Wow, I am definitely going to try this, as I spend a small fortune on Frontline to ensure my dog does not get fleas!!! Thank you for the advice :-)

5 Stars

  48 months ago
I never heard of this before and will probably try it out.


  49 months ago
If I had an indoor cat I would definitely use Brewer's Yeast as a flea deterrent and also to help keep the cat's coat healthy and beautiful. My grandmother knew to do this some 75 years ago. She bought the tablets made for humans and broke them in fourths, feeding them as a treat to their cat every day. The cat always knew the fourth piece was the last. He'd just calmly walk away without her having to say a word about it. ... Because our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, though, we use Advantage Multi+ to ward off the numerous evils out there, fleas being among the less worrisome of them. Bless his heart, he has a beautiful coat even without Brewer's Yeast, and takes wonderful care of it. I'll have to check and see whether there's Brewer's Yeast in his food.


  49 months ago
I have never heard about it and I dont know if I would use it on my pet...


  49 months ago
Yes, we've been using it for quite some time. We avoid toxic chemicals in many areas of our lives, first and foremost for our health and the health of those who live here, our furry friends. I think it was BEPW that had a topic about the "Spot On" treatment, sold in vets offices and stores that can cause violent posioning, seizures and death in many cases. It's very informative. People need to know what they are consuming and giving to their animals and what's in the food, the water, the air; sorry, I meant a short reply.


  49 months ago
Fortunately, I've never had a problem with fleas on my three cats because they are indoor only. They'll be going to the vet soon for their annual check-ups, so I'll check with her about the possibility of adding brewer's yeast to their diet.


  50 months ago
I just wish it would work for mosquitos, I'd eat the stuff by the pound.


  50 months ago
I most definitely will try brewers yeast on my animals. Flea meds are so expensive when buying for many like we have to do. Thank you so much for the information.


  50 months ago
Yes, I recommend this quite a bit for my clients, provided their dogs and cats aren't allergic to yeast. It makes the blood more "bitter" which fleas can't stand. The "sweeter" smelling the blood, the more likely your pet is to get fleas, and more of them.


  50 months ago
I didn't know that but I don't have pets !

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