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  80 months ago

If you had to give up 1 of your 5 senses, which one would you give up and why?

Just wondering which of the 5 senses people would give up if they had to. My daughter asked me this question and I had a hard time answering it. In the end I chose to give up my sense of smell.


  80 months ago
I would give up the sense of smell also. There wouldn't be very much that I would be missing anyway. Plus no one would ever know. It's not like being deaf or blind. As far as my taste buds are concerned, I really don't care. At my age I've tasted just about everything that I need to, it doesn't really matter.


  80 months ago
I would give up my sense of smell because I need to hear to enjoy music, I need my vision so I can read and see where I am going, I need my sense of touch so I know if I am feeling anything -don't want to bump my head or cut my hand and not know how much damage has been done. I guess when you give up the sense of smell, you are also giving up the sense of taste.


  80 months ago
I would say I'll give up my sense of smell. No gigantic loss there. Unless if you happened to be sleeping while theres a fire around you..


  80 months ago
Hearing. Figure I could get along just fine, now that there's closed captioning on TV. Would HATE to become blind; I'm fighting like mad not to (had successful cataract surgery in both eyes followed by YAG laser "cloudy membrane" surgery in both eyes).


  80 months ago
Id agree and say smell. That way I dont have to be botherd with the smell of dirty shoes lol


  80 months ago
I think smell. I am so allergic to perfumes but I can't always smell them any more but I can tell if they are around. I begin to get all sinusy and my broncial tubes will start to inflame.


  80 months ago
I have a decreased sense of smell so I can honestly say that I would have no qualms at all about giving it up entirely. Most of the time I can't smell anything other than the most overpowering scents. It does also affect my sense of taste a bit, making it so that things don't have as much flavor, but that's not too bad (especially when dining at my in-laws!). The only times in my life I could actually smell pretty well was when I was pregnant & that was an absolute nightmare. I had non-stop morning sickness & was constantly getting sick. The slightest whiff of a cologne or of food & I would be running for the restroom.

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