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53 months ago

Do you believe endangered species should be saved?

I plan on making a career out of helping endangered animals by helping them repopulate their natural habitats. There had been many people whom I know put me down for my belief. I want to make a difference in this world and I don't care what others think.


  48 months ago
I believe that, within reason, we should try to avoid doing things that will cause a species to go extinct. The problem is that most species become extinct because their natural habitats are being destroyed. This means that there is often no place to repopulate them.
Relocating them can have unexpected problems. There are a number of African animals endangered in their natural habitats currently being raised "in the wild" on large ranches in Texas. In some cases there are now more of these animals in Texas than there are left in Africa. The ranch owners cover the cost by allowing very limited hunting of the game. Animal rights people are trying to get these ranches closed because they have publically stated they would rather see the animals go extinct than to allow any of them to be hunted.


  52 months ago
Yes! We still don't know nearly enough about any species to know when removing it from its' ecosystem will have disasterous consequences.


  53 months ago
Yes endangered species should be saved!!! I'm an animal lover and it's heartbreaking to see all these animals being hunted or just lose homes. I can't stand it. I want to help animals my whole life. People put me down for my beliefs as well. I'm a vegetarian and when i talk about saving animals or nature i get put down...

william akese nunoo

  53 months ago
It is only by collaborated effort that we can save endangered species. Protecting endangered species requires the effort of each and every one. I also believe in the enactment of laws that seek to protect endangered species workwide. My fellow humans must know that if we dont protect these species we would also be endangered some time to come. We must therefore be stewards to endangered species.


  53 months ago
Ofcourse they should! I personally believe it is heartbreaking to witness some species becoming extinct and realizing how many more are on the endangered list. It is wonderful that there are individuals like yourself who are truly willing to make a difference.


  53 months ago
Write your opinion here! Keep up the good work! We need more people like you and me in this world. I have spent my life saving animals my self and have 6 stray cats 1 stray dog 2 stray guinea pigs. Most people don't understand how much the extinction of a species destroys the rest of us. Every creature has it's place in the eco system and you destroy one you destroy all. People have not supported me either in my mission to save as many animals as I can but I really don't care. Keep doing all you do and know that there are others who support you and appreciate you. Good Luck.


  53 months ago
Yes they should be saved due to man's ignorance. Wise choice..Hope all goes well!

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